First Angel’s Images

February 7, 2018 Lady Jaye 0

Some of the favorite images I’ve taken of local artists recently. I love to see, hear, and photograph all of the talent that Pittsburgh and […]

Reign of Z

January 27, 2018 Lady Jaye 0

     When you bring together some of the best known musicians from previous bands, you can rest assured that the resulting sound is going […]


January 25, 2018 Lady Jaye 0

     “Disintegration in the Ozone Room” is the new CD from Skratch, a band out of Pittsburgh whose hobbies include melting faces, telling (almost) […]

Winter’s Descent

January 3, 2018 Lady Jaye 0

Ok, boys and girls, I have found you a hard rock/metal band that’s hot, sexy, and driven to be one of the best…but we all […]

Hooked On Reptiles

December 9, 2017 Lady Jaye 0

HOOKED ON REPTILES!!!!!!!!        While there are many events in the Pittsburgh area each year involving music, this was certainly a first in […]


December 2, 2017 Lady Jaye 0

     I love to bring you gems of bands you’re going to love, and this week is no exception. I was given the music […]

This Is Our Scene

October 25, 2017 Lady Jaye 2

    There’s an article circulating the the Pittsburgh Music Scene is dead. You may have heard that, right? So often people who have been discouraged in […]