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Creature Feature #3

EventsCreature Feature #3

September 15, 2021
Creature Feature #2

EventsCreature Feature #2

September 8, 2021
Creature Feature

EventsCreature Feature

September 1, 2021


Red Eleven gives listeners a high-powered message of forgiveness with single “Before I Fall”

A lot of bands take on an emotional, true-life outlook when it comes to writing music. For Red Eleven, their music is an overflowing outpour of the true situations and movements of life, especially with their latest moody single, “Before I Fall.”  Red Eleven is a hard-rock band out of Finland ready to make an influence on the rest of the world. They’re currently working on their fourth album, “Handled With Chaos,” but along the...

FIND YOUR MUSE: Insomniac – Dying Oath

As we have been facing shutdown after shutdown during this pandemic, this month has proven the one thing that can’t be shutdown is metal. We seen a lot of new releases on the metal scene to prove it is very much alive, and this video from Dying Oath for their song “Insomniac” is just another example of that. Very fierce and hard hitting, this song absolutely rocks, and it does something unique you do not...

The “Free to Play” Splitgate beta has to be one of the best shooters I’ve ever played in recent years. Splitgate has a halo feel mixed with a Portal (Valve) mechanic, taking this shooter game to new heights. Seeing what will surely end up becoming another memorable small indie game blowing up much like rocket league, the game is very simple and easy to learn, but as I noticed for some players it can be...

‘Music Makes Me’ – Never Forget

Twenty years ago today I was in my office in downtown Pittsburgh at work. I remember someone coming over to my desk to tell me what was happening. I recall then thinking “This can’t be real.” but sadly it was all to true. I called home and told my wife of the time to pick my daughter up from school and drive to my parent’s house. At that point I had to clue what the...