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Ad Spaces 

  • Advertisement spaces are available for the website and runs on social media  Price determined by placement and run time.

For more information and rates, please contact our advertising department at:

Services@firstangelmedia.com  – Subject line: Ads

Articles - Features - Podcasts

Free & Paid Options

We do coverage for free as much as possible however, we receive hundreds of requests each week and can’t take on everything. For those interested in guaranteed coverage through our articles, features or the MadClock podcast the ‘jump-the-line’ fee is $35. Email us with a subject line Paid Coverage, your information, type of coverage requested if known, and a date you need it run by.

All requests for coverage should be sent to:  Editor@firstangelmedia.com

Album Release Package


Option 1:

  • Pre-release & Day of release posts on Facebook and Instagram 
  • Full length review 
  • MUSE Video Run

Option 2:

  • Pre-release & Day of release posts on Facebook and Instagram 
  • Day of release post on Facebook and Instagram 
  • Single review 


Electronic Press Kits (EPK) - $125

Our Electronic Press Kits (EPK’s) can be built for your needs. Fees for hosting are not included, however hosting on our site is available for an additional fee of $5 per month.


Modeling Division

First Angel Media provides a professional and diverse, team of models available for photography, commercials, merchandising, advertising and other business related needs. Cost for modeling is calculated by the job.

Contact us for your modeling needs at: Modeling@firstangelmedia.com

Graphic Design

  • Logo: $120  
  • Illustration: $175 
  • Single Cover Art Design: $100 
  • Album Art Design: $120



  • $75/Band set – A minimum of 15 fully edited, professional photos with our company watermark
  • $165/hour – Professional promotion shoots – 15 images
  • Promoters/Venues, Large event, and Merchandise shoots with Models also available (Pricing dependent on needs)

All galleries provided electronically with access for 30 days. Images are high-resolution, downloadable, basic promotion rights included. Bands/Promoters/Venue shots will also be posted to First Angel Media’s sites to promote the event. 

Email inquiries to:  CraigFerry@firstangelmedia.com

Video Services

Live Video:

  •  $75 Bands
  •  $110 Promoters/Venues

Full length music videos – Starting at $600

Lyric Videos – $90

Promotion Video – $50


Website Builds - $550

Need a website? We’ve got you covered. Our own Webmaster is available for website builds and our site is proof of his abilities.

Only need updates, help or minor work? He can help you out for only $25 per hour.

Email inquiries to Webmaster@firstangelmedia.com

Personalized Beats - $50

Need a beat for our music but don’t write them? We’ve got you covered! Get your own personalized beats by MadClock, all rights released.

Spotify Playlist Submission Options

Interested in getting your song on the Official First Angel Media playlist? 

Step One – Pick Your Playlist
  • First Angel Metal: A stomping ground for the latest and greatest the underground has to offer from heavy metal, industrial, hardcore, punk, Trap, Horrorcore, and aggressive music in general.
  • First Angel Mix: Not real sure where you belong?  Then you belong here.  This mix has everything and anything that gets a little difficult to categorize.
  • Fallen Beats: Hip Hop, R’n’B, and variations there-of.
Step Two – Pick Your Package
  • Option #1 – The Halo ($35): Single Review by Playlist Curator and two songs of the artist’s choice for inclusion.   One of the songs must be the song reviewed. Inclusion in playlist is guaranteed for two months.
  • Option #2 – The Trinity ($45): Single Review by Playlist Curator and three songs of the artist’s choice for inclusion.  One of the songs must be the song reviewed.  Inclusion in the playlist is guaranteed for two months.
  • Option #3 – The Mushroom Cloud ($75): Album Review by Playlist Curator and five songs of the artist’s choice for inclusion. Inclusion is guaranteed for five months.
  • Option #4 – The Marriage ($125): One year of up to five songs at a time for up to six months at a time. One year of album, single, or any other media review by Playlist Curator at no further cost.  When your six months and five songs expire, you can pick five more.  You will never be off of your chose playlist during the year and you will have guaranteed coverage in First Angel Media.
Step Three – The Big Finish

Email all your decisions to calebstraus@firstangelmedia.com!  We will invoice you and once it’s paid, your review will go live within 48 hours and your songs will go live on your playlist at that time.  Your artist page will be tagged in a post by our company when this happens.

Advertising Packages

Place your business, event or brand on our sites to gain a broader audience for your company

  • High impact banners
  • Channel sponsorships
  • Social Media Posts
  • High impact banners
  • Featured article sponsorships
  • Social media posts
  • In article placement
  • High impact banners
  • Channel sponsorships
  • Ad placement on website
  • Social Media posts
  • Video Ad