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Jana Lee MachecaJanuary 4, 2023
Music from the 412 Studios
Background from the Music From the 412 Studio

On New Years Eve, I skipped out on my usual crazy plans of PJ’s and non-alcoholic wine to head out to Ralph’s Music Guild and take part in celebrating the new Music from the 412 Roku channel launch. There have been long standing issues with the music scene in Pittsburgh that people have wracked their brains over; namely how to pull down the walls between genres and properly promote the scene on a large scale. With a ton of dedication, work, financing and elbow grease, we may finally be seeing the solution.

Us 90’s kids (or those of us who lived through the 90’s I should say), remember the time in life where MTV was more than reality shows and games. For what seemed like an all too brief time, you could turn on the television and find music of all genres, VJ’s who were from various backgrounds and personalities. Headbangers Ball, new music releases, MTV was where my pink jeaned and ponytailed 12 year old self found Nine Inch Nails… and the rest, as they say, is history. Now, Pittsburgh may be finding a way to write its own history, thanks to Anthony Lamonde, aka “Rocky”, and the crew he’s put together. Once again you can turn on the television and explore music, videos, and VJ’s from the comfort of your home. Or, as it is 2023, wherever your Roku app or Amazon streaming device takes you.The Music from the 412 studios is part art gallery, and we love the look!

Officially launched at 9pm on New Years Eve, many of us gathered at Ralph’s Music Guild to check out the Music from the 412 studios, enjoy music from multiple artists, and watch this dream become a reality. Now, here’s where I get to say the thing most people in the music scene say to themselves, “But I already know the artists in the scene.” Now, here’s where I’m delighted to tell you, think again. In 2017 myself and two other businesses in the area attempted to make a list of all the bands in Pittsburgh, and I believe we tapped out at an estimation of 600. It seemed too high of a number, really. Solo musicians, acoustic, metal, R&B, rock, you name it, we’ve got it but now, we can be truly plugged in to the genres outside of our own. Sitting at my table by the stage, surrounded by people I’ve known for years, people I’ve only known on social media, and others I was just meeting, I got caught up watching the music videos that played that night. In fact, several times during the evening I forgot that I was watching local music. Every so often a VJ popped up, telling us who was up next, or giving us insight to the Music from the 412 plans for world domination… wait, I said that part out loud, didn’t I? Well, cat’s out of the bag now. See, this isn’t something you have to be in Pittsburgh to enjoy, and it’s the key to what I so often hear from outside of Pittsburgh, “How do we break into your music scene?” Simple, watch our channel, find the people you want to work with, seek them out and start rolling with those interconnected shows and projects!

Domenic Fusca played a beautiful acoustic set in the back portion of the studio, complete with gas light look street lights

I wish I could impress on everyone reading this, anyone who even hears the name Music from the 412, just how big of a deal this is. From the standpoint of a business owner in the music scene, I see opportunities for businesses to take part from sponsoring to commercials, getting their names out there in a whole new way. Watching the professional footage and attention to detail tells me this is something that will last, not work for three months and then be given up on. What Rocky and his crew have pulled together is truly impressive on so many fronts. As a music lover, that kid finding new music and being captivated by the personalities on the screen still living inside of me, this brings back so many fond memories. For the adult woman I’ve become, someone who has poured themselves into a role of trying to support the scene…. this means so much. In fact, it means enough that I’ll be taking on a small role in the Spacebat Productions segments on the channel, as well as a larger role of co-hosting the upcoming show 666 Degrees of Metal with my friend and First Angel Modeling Agency Manager, Miss Red.

Some of the wines by the Music from the 412 Sponsor, Deadhead WinesI encourage you all to check out the Music from the 412 on Roku, Channel Code: KHCGKQP, their website, YouTube channel, find it on Amazon Firestick, at this point you can find it pretty much anywhere you want. If you want to see the segments from everyone, you’ll need to tune in, because the content for the channel is exclusive to Music from the 412. If you’re a band and want on the channel, send in your videos. A business that wants to sponsor or support? Go to the Music from the 412 website and start a conversation! Get paired up with a show, or with Music from the 412 itself. Do you want to help host a show? Again, get in there! Don’t wait for this opportunity to come knocking, they’re going to be too busy rocking.

Oh, and speaking of rocking, the New Years launch was a blast! In true Pittsburgh Music Scene fashion there was music, drinks and food, with plenty of happiness, love and hope for the future to go around. A variety of acoustic acts by Brian Genovesi, Domenic Fusca, Wil Kondrich, and Zachary Lee, some fun music with Mark Ponsonby, an amazing performance by Princess Nostalgia and ending the night on a high note with punk rockers Crash Army. Studio tours, a wine bar by the most recent sponsor DeadHead Wines, freaking delicious stuff by the way, and a night to remember.

Congratulations to Music from the 412 on the launch of their new channel. We at First Angel Media, and I think I can speak for Build the Scene as well, are so proud of what you’ve accomplished, and we’re here to support you every step of the way!

The supportive family behind the Music from the 412 push <3

Check out the stream and the photos of the Music from the 412 New Years Eve launch below!