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About us

Welcome to First Angel Media

The biggest question that we get is, “What exactly does First Angel do?” We’re part online magazine, part PR company, and mostly we’re a media coverage company. At our most basic, we’re a collective of professional artists doing this because it’s our passion. We don’t try to blow smoke about how big of a company we are, or make promises and claims that fall apart under scrutiny. We’re just people in the Pittsburgh and surrounding scenes doing our best to help with the talents we have. We work with other businesses that we know of who have the same ideals and goals – To treat others fairly and create a network of support.

The main concept of First Angel Media is that everyone deserves professional level coverage. On our pages you’ll find the big names and coverage at large stages, but right beside those you’ll discover the names you didn’t know existed at the venues near you. We work with every genre, but we can only cover those who let us know they need us… So if you need our services, message us on FB or IG. You can also write in to, give us your links, a photo and description of services needed. We’ll do our best to help.

Some services do come with a fee, but we keep our costs reasonable and help however we can. Some of what we offer:

  • Full event and con coverage
  • Articles and Features
  • Professional photography and video production
  • Website builds,
  • EPK’s and Portfolios
  • Logo design and other digital art needs
  • Band endorsements : If your band fits our branding we offer to help support your work.

We can also help direct you to various companies outside of our own services for podcasts, recording, venues in our area, etc. Have questions? Just ask.

First angel media

Various ad placements available on our website, social media platforms and in articles

From our merchandise designs to your own designs, find what you need, want and what we offer.

Writers – Photographers – Venue Owners – Models
Our team is made up from the industry, for the industry

Get to the right people in the right departments quickly!