Music ReviewsUncategorizedCaynug’s “Mental Junkyard” is a don’t miss!!

Patrick McElravy 6 days ago
Coming from across the pond in Germany, Caynug has recently dropped a mammoth of an album titled “Mental Junkyard”. With amazing production and stellar songwriting spanning across multiple genres, “Mental Junkyard” is another notch in the belt of an already excellent catalog for Caynug. “Mental Junkyard” plays out like a soundtrack in the mind of the mentally unstable. The album is best served to be played from front to back to fully appreciate the journey....

Featured ArticlesShow ReviewsYour SceneRiparian Melt Down Get Hip Records

Darren Lewis 2 weeks ago
To observe the blessed birth of a self-titled debut EP, Riparian, a lacerating new Pittsburgh death metal band featuring members of Wrought Iron, took the stage at Get Hip Records on a rainy Saturday night and showed a packed audience that they have plans to turn our scene upside down. Frontman Rob Grisly growled his intestines out on the floor, the stage being too small to contain his unholy, bloody rage, his teeth gnashing as...

Show ReviewsUncategorizedImmolation Incinerate Lawrenceville

Darren Lewis 2 weeks ago
Immolation are a band I haven’t always been keen on, their perpetual blastbeat downpour being somewhat impenetrable to me as a man who prefers his death metal melodic, tricky, and with a sense of groove. Yet upon a revisitation of Immolation’s catalogue, particularly more recent albums such as Atonement, I found many connectable and intelligent moments to latch onto, more so than I had previously. Beginning to feel as if I were a fighter ducking...

Music ReviewsUncategorizedFeast On the Fallen – No Saviors

Patrick McElravy 2 weeks ago
Feast on the Fallen Metal No Saviors   Pittsburgh Zombie-core act Feast on the Fallen/ are back at it again with their new Ep “No Saviors”. With better production and matured songwriting, Feast have come back to stomp and pillage all within their path. With an intro track and 3 news songs, Feast on the Fallen doesn’t waste time getting down to business. “No Savior” plays out like a zombie flick that terrifies and keeps the...
Skell ~ “Everything’s Fine”

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