Featured ArticlesFind Your MUSE(ic)Find Your MUSE(ic): Video of the Week – Big Atlantic

Lady Jaye 6 days ago
A rock band out of Pittsburgh, Pa, Big Atlantic has an enormous sound and high energy on the stage. Check out this live performance video from their set during the Millvale Music Festival! It’s great to bring you live footage that shows just what these guys are made of! Summer storms shut down stages all over Pittsburgh that day  – but the skies parted for Big Atlantic to do their thing. While they can be found playing stages all...

Featured ArticlesMusic ReviewsAlter the Design brings a new sound to the table with their release of “Undivided”

Lady Jaye 2 weeks ago
Alter the Design finds themselves heading in a direction with their sophomore release UNDIVIDED, due out December 11 2018. This hard rock band out of Pittsburgh delves into a more metal style that catches the listeners attention quickly. A short creative Intro and you are catapulted into a beautiful darkness of driven riffs and drum beats that that grip you. The vocals find a perfect match in the passion and tone of the slightly rough...

Music ReviewsUncategorizedMy Top Metal Albums Of 2018

Darren Lewis 3 weeks ago
This has been yet another loaded 12 months of metal. I’ve never listed this many before and decided not to pare it down any further. So…now, in no particular order, I proudly present to you…The Class of 2018! Top Albums 2018 1. Wolftooth-s/t 2. Aparia-Beyond the Walls of Man 3. Gygax-2nd Edition 4. Visigoth-Conqueror’s Oath 5. Immortal-Northern Chaos Gods 6. Portal-Ion 7. Judas Priest-Firepower 8. Primordial-Exile Amongst the Ruins 9. Shakma-House of Possession 10. Tribulation-Down...

Full Length InterviewsDon’t Forget to Breathe!

Suzanne DeCree 4 weeks ago
Me: We are here with Jordan from The Breathing Process. Start at the beginning. I know I’ve listened to some of your tunes, of course I’m a metalhead, so there’s that. Jordan: Awesome! Me: Good stuff. Really good stuff. Jordan: Thank you!  Me: You are very welcome! Tell us about the band. How did you guys get together? How did you guys get started? Jordan: Oh, Man! The whole rundown, huh? Me: The whole rundown...

FAM is a Pittsburgh, PA based music media company that’s all about the personal, emotional and social experience of music. The internet is awesome for finding music – living it is better! We’re bringing you professional photos from shows, articles, videos and more to remind you that your weekend doesn’t have to be spent here in the virtual world but with people who have at least one thing in common with you – a shared taste for music. Music media has been done before, but we flipped the script and concentrate on the stuff you haven’t seen yet – the local and regional bands that aren’t just a name on a billboard and a face on a stage. You’re probably still going to find some national level stuff happening around the Pittsburgh area but that’s because when they come to town, they’re part of our family… and once upon a time they were a local band from somewhere.


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