Music ReviewsThunderbird Divine-Magnasonic

Darren Lewis 3 days ago
Having caught Thunderbird Divine at last year’s second annual Descendants of Crom festival, I was immediately taken by their Kyuss/Clutch/Monster Magnet/Led Zeppelin/Fu Manchu worship and engaging band leader Erik Caplan’s innovative use of the theremin, a lesser-known instrument that is finding its way back into vogue in heavy music circles (see also Pittsburgh’s Pyrithe). I had thought of interviewing Mr. Caplan about the album. But I honestly couldn’t think of anything substantial to ask...

Music ReviewsPyrofest 2019 – The Art of Burning Bridges Sets Fire to the Stage

Lady Jaye 6 days ago
In anticipation of their long awaited album release, The Art of Burning Bridges took the stage like a squad of storm troopers this past Saturday night and practically blew the doors off the place! Melodic vocals soared over tasty hard rock riffs as Patrick Rominelli’s haunting voice captivated the room. If you haven’t heard of The Art of Burning Bridges, you are depriving yourself. This talented three-piece delivers their set with the flawless execution of a...

Featured ArticlesShow ReviewsYour SceneLegendary Album Series: Thin Lizzy’s Jailbreak

Darren Lewis 1 week ago
Thin Lizzy, despite only having one album go gold in the United States through the power of two enduring radio hits, continue to be a tremendously influential act decades after they disbanded and their seminal frontman, Phil Lynott, passed away. There’s been some controversy over the band reforming under the Thin Lizzy name in recent years and with a new one boasting original material in Black Star Riders. But none of that mattered this evening...

Featured ArticlesMusic ReviewsTraverse the Abyss- Brand New Self Titled Release

Patrick McElravy 2 weeks ago
From the other side of the tracks in Scranton, Pennsylvania comes Traverse the Abyss with a brand new self titled EP. “Traverse the Abyss” is a fun, brutal Ep to rock out to. The band shows they have plenty of tricks up their sleeves in melding various sub genres of metal on this release. From the metalcore Tom Foolery of “Failure” to the fret board blazing that takes place in “Battle Cry”, nothing is off...

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