Featured ArticlesMusic ReviewsHuman Delusion – “Depravity”

Patrick McElravy 6 days ago
Hailing from the 814, Erie Pennsylvania’s Human Delusion have just unleashed a leviathan of an album aptly titled “Depravity“. From the moment I hit play on the album’s intro track “Sentenced”, I knew I was gonna be in for a wild ride. Pennsylvania’s metal scene has been a breeding ground for amazing metal as of lately and these guys are no exception. “Delusion” harkens back to the familiar sounds of the early 00’s metalcore with a...

Featured ArticlesMusic ReviewsYour SceneHorehound – Holocene

Darren Lewis 3 weeks ago
Horehound vocalist Shy Kennedy has become quite the mogul of the Pittsburgh metal scene, particularly in its vibrant doom corner, where she holds court not only as a performer but as an organizer of the Descendants of Crom festival and the owner of the interesting Blackseed Records, a label that is a mission for her as opposed to a mere business venture. Kennedy and her bandmates are in rapturous love with all sounds down-bred from...

Music ReviewsAutomb – Esoterica

Darren Lewis 3 weeks ago
Despite his youth, Serg Streltsov is a veteran of the Pittsburgh metal scene and a survivor having come to the United States from Ukraine. After sharpening his claws in bands such as Dreadeth, Incinerate Creation, Bloodwraith, Haxxan, and even gory death metal pioneers Necrophagia, Streltsov has brought us something new and more intimate in Esoterica, the first offering from Automb. With another even more battle-scarred member in drummer Scott Fuller, who has seen combat within...

Featured ArticlesFull Length InterviewsWorking Like a Dog

Suzanne DeCree 1 month ago
YES! I was one of the lucky ones that was invited to the Working Breed video release party for their single Turtle Race on December 14th at the Spirit Lodge in Lawrenceville. This was well worth the trip into the city and if you know me, you know I don’t do cities.  The video for Turtle Race was absolutely amazing – dark and brooding scenes of captivity interspersed with ironically brighter scenes of a marriage...

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