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Norwegian Metal band Tales of Dhvaras Releases “Geiranger”

Norwegian Metal act, Tales of Dhvaras had their origins back in the early 90s.   Taking inspiration from the raw, dark beauty of nature, they referred to their genre as “Skogsrock”, which translates to Forest Rock.

The band thought the DAT tape originally used to record the album had been forever lost.  That tape, however, was rediscovered in early 2019 and later in the fall, band founder Kyrre Riksen was able to restore the songs from the demo, but was not pleased with the sound.

So he got together with former Tales of Dhvaras bassist Ruben Drage deLeon and drummer James Regout.  The trio rehearsed and re-recorded the songs and are now, more than 25 years later, releasing the album Full Speed or Nothing.

In one of the most interesting choices I have ever witnessed from a band, Tales of Dhvaras has chosen to release the instrumental “Geiranger” as the first single from their upcoming album Full Speed or Nothing.  While the band lays claim to playing Forest Rock, this single easily invokes images of a lone Viking ship emerging from a thick mist covering the sea.

“Geiranger” easily belongs in the score of any epic movie.  One of the most obvious points on this song is that it was originally composed on classical guitar.  From the arrangement and how the guitars are overlaid on top of each other, to the contrapuntal interplay between the guitar lines, this song subtly plays homage to the Baroque and early Classical period lute composers.  Throw in a little Bach harpsichord and a heavy pinch of distortion and you get the idea.

The composition of “Geiranger” is taken from the standpoint of the melodies and what the harmonies can do to support the melodies – a very Classical approach leading to a lush soundscape that can play host to any number of cinematic adventures.

Not forgetting the classic Metal bands of yore in their homage, there are plenty of harmonized licks and riffs, all executed beautifully.

The choice to precede an album with an instrumental is an interesting one, but one that has paid off.  This song leaves me wanting more, whether it’s to close my eyes and let my imagination roll with the images created by the lush and interwoven sounds or to dig into the nuanced Classical composition as one would an opera.

Tales of Dhvaras “Geiranger” will drop on March 27, 2020 and you can also presave on Spotify or presave on all channels.