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Brave New World’s release, “Catharsis”, is both Brave and Cathartic

**TW: Addiction – Take care while reading** Catharsis hit me like a ton of bricks. Since my first listen I have grooved along, written down great lines to remember, thought a lot, and cried a little. Before I get into the album though, I’d like to start with how I got here. Curtis, from Brave New World, hit me up to talk about his band and their upcoming release. His brother, Ryan, is another brilliant...

God Hates Unicorns with Brave New World

And we’re back with another fantastic round of Bands and Artists we Like and Support that Aren’t as Good as GHU! Here with us today, we’re talking to Curtis from a truly next level band, Brave New World! Their newest release, Catharsis, is coming very soon (February 4th or 6th. Don’t panic. We will find out together). This piece is a work of art. It’s beautiful, profound, devastating, and uplifting. It’s one of the most...

Find Your MUSE: Dragonfly Effect- Someday

It is the final MUSE of 2022, and we are going to end it in style with Dragonfly Effect and their newest single “Someday”. This amazing track kicks off with a electronic dance vibe with guitars transitioning through driving the song to higher levels. The vocal style keeps the song steady rocking until the very end. The lyrics speak of going through a bad breakup, and hoping someday to find the strength to survive on...

Find Your MUSE: As I Speak – Mend

One of the first artists to sign with Solunar Records, As I Speak is a solo hard rock project created by Zach Cunningham, and he just released his debut single “Mend”. This one gets rocking right out the gate with hard riffs and pummeling drums, all guided by the raw vocals of Zach. The themes of the song as well as the video will hit home, and guys I know this won’t be an easy...

You’ll Want to “Line Up” to Get the New Johnny and the Razorblades Album

I first checked out Johnny and the Razorblades when I met Johnny Razorblade himself at his recording studio. He actually records and produces my band, God Hates Unicorns, at his award-nominated spot, Razorblade Recordings. (Side note, the album he recorded and produced for us won 2nd best album of the year in the Pittsburgh City Paper best of 2022. He’s the real deal.) At any rate, I was extremely late to a party that had...

Find Your MUSE:  JJ HOLLOW – L.T.S.G

On this week’s M.U.S.E video feature, we have independent Pittsburgh rapper, JJ Hollow, who recently released his new single “L.T.S.G” Backed by a melodic beat, he busts loose with a fast rapping style that carries throughout the song. The delivery of the lines are on point, and the lyrics speak of just doing your own thing and not letting anything get to you. As the song says, you just going to let it go. The...

The Demonic Brew of Astaroth and J9: Colt 45

Independent musician J9 has collaborated with the demonic Sam Astaroth to bring you the newest single and collaboration known as “Colt 45“. The beats of this one is so dark and neurotic that they would belong to a David Lynch film, and with the demonic rapping of Sam Astaroth, it makes for something that mimics the themes of the song itself. This song is about the downward spiral that is cause of too much alcohol,...

Get Lost in Cavern by Hemlock for Socrates

I’d have a really hard time explaining the band Hemlock for Socrates to someone who’s never heard them. What is their music like? Their sound is like cool soil running through your fingers. It’s the zap on the tip of your tongue gently touched against a battery. It’s braving the bitter wilderness with a bow in hand, that shoots laser beams. It is so beautiful. And I think it’s worth mentioning that Heather and Kegan,...

Find Your MUSE: Evol Walks ft Defueld – Saints and Sinners

Today we have the premiere of the symphonic power ballad “Saints and Sinners” from Evol Walks teaming up with metalcore act Defueld. The song starts on a light ethereal note before it gets straight to the rocking. The duet between songstress Leah Martin Brown and Defueld’s Chris Wetterstrom flow well together, and this is very much symphonic through and through. The video gives us volcanic visuals while displaying the lyrics of the song. As to...