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SaVenger Debut Album – Future Nerves

SaVenger has been working on writing songs for the last two and a half years. Hailing from Gibsonia, PA, the band wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered their first full-length album in their drummer’s home studio. Future Nerves dropped on May 5th, 2020 and it is well worth the listen. Combining punk-inspired vocals and heavy, driving guitar riffs, saVenger creates a unique style of straight-ahead Melodic Metal. The album leads with its single, “Friends of Failure”...

Verity White – Inside Your Love (Acoustic)

I’ve been a Verity White fan for somewhere between three and four years. It was originally her powerfully soulful vocal style that reeled me in and kept me coming back. The British bombshell from Cheltenham always delivers on her unique style of straight-ahead rock. Having already been familiar with the full-band version of “Inside Your Love” from the Reclaim album, this acoustic version does not disappoint. Unlike many electric guitar lines, this heavily blues-inspired guitar...

Norwegian Metal Band, Tales of Dhvaras, Is Releasing Music Again After 20 Years

In the early nineties, the metal band, Dhvaras, played what they referred to as “Skogsrock” (Forest rock) in Groruddalen, Norway – inspired by both the beauty and dark rawness of nature itself. All of the songs used classical guitars as the melodic foundation and from there were turned into a loud and melodic soundscape. During Fall 2019, the band‘s founder, Kyrre Riksen, was able to restore an old DAT tape demo previously believed to be...

The Fading Light – “On My Own”

The Fading Light was formed in Pittsburgh in 2009 by guitarist/vocalist Josh Doran after purchasing an acoustic guitar so he could get a new perspective. I’m almost never a fan of abandoning electric guitar for acoustic. In this instance, however, Josh made an excellent choice and I can find little reason to disagree. The Fading Light’s newest single, “On My Own” dropped on April 25, 2020. Starting with a synchronized bass/vocal groove, the intro very...

Wildstreet – Born to Be

I never realized how much I missed Hair Metal until I listened to Wildstreet’s latest single, “Born To Be”. To once again hear a song with a motorcycle engine revving is oddly satisfying. Especially when it’s followed by synchronized bass and drums with the inevitable chainsaw guitar fast on their heels. While totally predictable given the genre, it’s still ever so gratifying, simultaneously providing a trip down memory lane and a little something new for...

The Millaze “Quarantunes” Quarantine Challenge

It’s a tough time for those of us who are used to being out and about. It’s even worse when we’ve learned to count on the extra income from gigs, photo and video shoots, weddings, etc. With the quarantine we are all relegated to a very small fraction of our worlds right now. Many artists have taken to putting that time to good use by taking their performances online, providing online lessons and extra videos...

Millaze – The Malaise, Teaser Vs. Warning

When Millaze first described her music as Piano Dreamhop, I was thoroughly confused. I got the piano part. It was the “Dreamhop” part that gave me pause. And then I got to listen to her current EP, The Malaise – Teaser Vs. Warning and it all made sense. I have always chosen music that was over-stimulating: Progressive Rock, Classical, Jazz, Heavy Metal. This was definitely not in my comfort zone. Of course, the music I...

Norwegian Metal band Tales of Dhvaras Releases “Geiranger”

Norwegian Metal act, Tales of Dhvaras had their origins back in the early 90s.   Taking inspiration from the raw, dark beauty of nature, they referred to their genre as “Skogsrock”, which translates to Forest Rock. The band thought the DAT tape originally used to record the album had been forever lost.  That tape, however, was rediscovered in early 2019 and later in the fall, band founder Kyrre Riksen was able to restore the songs...

Outsideinside II

In 2012, musical mastermind David Wheeler formed two bands simultaneously. The first and more commercially viable at the time was the Metal act, Carousel, which ended up getting signed to Tee Pee records. Starting as more of a side project was Outsideinside, a much bluesier, 60s- and 70s-Rock influenced project. In September of 2016, Carousel ended and the focus was shifted to Outsideinside. Outsideinside originally started as a trio with David providing guitar work and...