News & OpinionLosing September is Dropping Another Epic Video!

Jana Lee MachecaOctober 26, 2020

After just watching the latest teaser for the upcoming Losing September video “Curse the Sky”, I’m on pins and needles. “Curse The Sky” is the sequel, and aftermath, to their latest release “Contagious” and they’ve once again partnered with Kill Devil Films to bring the darkness that lies inside the mind of vocalist Bruce Fane, to life.

When you see video teasers from bands it’s often a melody that sticks in your mind. The theme of this one comes across like the latest horror movie release – And just in time for Halloween! Having followed the band for some time now I know they’re not afraid to push the limits in video or in verse but this one looks like it’s taking the concept of storyline and music to the limits. Losing September is known for their melodic metal that brings almost classic style vocals along with hard hitting musical composition. Kill Devil Films is known for their horror and the macabre. Joining together once more – I guarantee this is going to be a video you won’t want to miss!!

Check out their YouTube channel, website, Facebook, and more to see what they have in store. For now, as for any upcoming movie we’ve been waiting on – Let’s revisit the video that started it!

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  • Krysten

    October 26, 2020 at 11:04 pm

    Can’t wait!

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