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Patrick McElravy2 years ago4412 min

FIND YOUR MUSE(IC):Video of The Week – Turtle Race by Working Breed

Mixing a variation of soul and progressive rock; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Working Breed are making their mark with lead single “Turtle Race” from their upcoming album “Hieroglyphica”. With captivating melodic movements and time changes akin to A Perfect Circle, Working Breed guide you on an emotionally enthralled journey throughout the track as lead singer Erika croons and mourns over the loss of a relationship gone south. Every word is heard, felt, and empathized in the midst of this mesmerizing track, tugging on the heart strings as the skeletons in the closet come rolling out.

Working Breed drop their debut album “Hieroglyphica” tomorrow 8/24 get to Thunderbird’s in support of its release!!!!

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