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Cody Howard5 months ago1675 min

Today I’m here to talk about my favorite albums of all time that would be the industrial/electric Rock album by Celldweller. This album is called End of an Empire that came out all the way back in 2015. This album comes out in four sections, “Time”, “Love”, “Dreams” and “Death”. This album has a mixture of some storytelling sections along with its music, so if you have the deluxe edition of the album you’re looking at maybe 7 hours worth of music for 1 album alone. I pre-ordered all the way back when it came out and still to this day is one of my most played albums next to Celldweller’s: Offworld that came out in 2017. End of an Empire has a variety of sounds to it; there’s a little punk rock, some acoustic, some electric dubstep sound and more! The total album together comes with five discs!

The first is the album, the second is “Factions.” The third is “Instrumentals” and the fourth/fifth are remixes of the songs. I would like to point out some notable songs in case you would want to give it a listen.  One is the title track, “End of an Empire”.  This track is 7 and 1/2 minutes and if you want to know what this album is about this is the best place to start. It has a ton of the sounds you will be listening to – almost everything is in it besides the punk rock song and that leads us to number two, “Good Luck You Are F*****”.  This song gives off a very cyberpunk/punk rock feel as if you were listening to it in the future. “Daft” is the song if you just want to jam out and have some fun.  You can go and listen to it at anytime.  After that would be the song “Heart On” with one of the most catchy hooks on the album.  This is one of the most played songs of the album for me. The last notable song is probably my favorite and that would be “Precious One”, a song about crossing over to the afterlife through a door that you unlock using death’s key.  I feel like this song in particular is my favorite due to the mixture of styles.  This is the most intense but also one of the softest songs on the album going from being very soft to blaring bass guitars and screaming in almost an instant.  To me this track just stands out above mostly all of the other ones.  I honestly feel like I could talk about this album for hours with somebody and I hope you guys give it a listen or end up buying it.  Make sure to check out Celldweller on YouTube, Spotify, and other platforms, as he is one of the most creative musicians that I know of and thanks for reading.

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