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Craig FerryJanuary 27, 202178 min
Covid photography

What a crazy time it has been since March of last year. Some days it feels like Groundhog Day where I wake up in the morning, do the exact same things, rinse and repeat day after day. Only 10 months have passed since the first real COVID lockdowns had started, but some days it feels like 10 years. If I look at my calendar that used to be full of activities, it is like a blank calendar that just opened. I won’t lie, some days it has been harder emotionally than others, but fortunately I have a good network of friends and family who keep me going.

Going into 2020 it looked like my photography business was going to have the best year ever. I had multiple clients lined up for photo shoots throughout the year. I knew that I had a regular cadence of local venues for shooting bands. I had the biggest band I ever had shot, The Darkness, booked for a concert shoot. And since I just shot a big name band in November 2019, I was hopeful to get to shoot two other big name bands in 2020. I had a great start to the year with a big shoot the first week of March. Not two weeks later and my photography business literally came to a screeching halt. Instead of being the best year ever, I ended up having my worst year ever. At times I felt like calling it quits.

But thinking about it, I knew that I would hate myself if I looked back a couple years from now if I quit. I’ve done that before with other things and have never looked back and have not regretted it. So I was bound and determined to find other ways to express myself. I’ll be the first to admit it has definitely been a challenge. After all, what does a photographer do when part of the job is shooting concerts when there are no concerts? And whom do I photograph when my clients cancel either because they are afraid to be out in public or can no longer afford a photographer.

So you may be asking what have I done to fill the void? I have always enjoyed writing and the people at First Angel have encouraged me to do that again. So as you know, I’ve started writing some regular features, like “Music Makes Me” and “Humble Beginnings“. I am also fortunate now to be covering the ‘Music Talks’ show that allows me to hear live music again. No my photography business still is in the tank with no end in sight, but I’m hoping that if things get better and a little luck it may make a come back.

What does this have to do with you? Hopefully you stayed with me to this point. I am writing this to hopefully show you that you are not alone. I’ve talked to enough people to know that many feel a lot of my concerns, frustrations and fears. Some people are taking this crazy time in history to find other outlets or to tweak their craft. Others are doing nothing but patiently waiting and hoping that things get back to normal. And there are some who have decided that it’s too much and have stopped doing what they were doing before COVID19 changed the world as we know it.

None of these actions or emotions is wrong or stupid. Everyone experiences things differently and don’t necessarily react in the same way. The only thing that’s wrong is to think you are experience these emotions or circumstances alone. There are numerous others that are exactly where you are today.

Over the next few weeks I plan to interview people with different roles in the arts and entertainment industry to share with you their experiences during this time. I believe you’ll find some commonality each week. If nothing else you’ll find that they are in a different place today than they would have imagined a year ago. So if you have a story to share, just reach out to me. Or if not, check back every Wednesday to read someone else’s story. It just may be what you need to hear.

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