Event ReviewsWTF-TV.COM presents Green Jello(Review)

Anthony McDonoughAugust 11, 2022

When Green Jello comes to your town, you can expect it to be a crazy time. Especially as of recent since they expanded their performance to be almost like a traveling circus of different performers, and creating their own online show called WTF-TV which recently hit 1 million subscribers. Episodes stream every Saturday, as well as live streams of their different tour stops. You can check that out on the official website which includes their recent performance at the Gathering of the Juggalos.

So I already knew to expect some shenanigans to go down, but I definitely was not ready when the chaos unfolded during their appearance at Sub Alpine Society this past Sunday August 7th.

False Positive
credit: Josh Montedoro Photography

Once everyone got settled in, False Positive took the stage to get everyone warmed up for what was to come. I featured them quite heavily in my Creature Feature, so it was nice to be able to witness what they had to offer, which was a rock and roll sound with a bit of funky bass mixed in for good measure. I say it was a great start, and it was very much the calm before the storm in a good way.

photo credit: Josh Montedoro Photography

Then Neostem followed up after them, who is another band that gets mentioned a good bit in my Creature Feature, and they had a loud grunge sound. It got the crowd moving a bit, and got everyone amped up for more to come later.

Corpse God
photo credit: Josh Montedoro Photography

I was highly anticipating what Corpse God had to bring to the table, and with their brutal death metal sound, they impressed upon me that they meant business. They are a band who is going to do very interesting things in the time to come, and their show had people headbanging and moshing.

Prime 8
Photo credit: Josh Montedoro Photography

After that, you know them, you love them: Prime 8 took the stage, and they had a different line up than in past shows I saw them at. Instead of a violin, they had keyboards, and it was still a good compliment to their wide range of songs. They had some new ones they played, and their performance was just as fun as I remembered. It left me feeling it was the perfect lead up before Green Jello took the stage.

How can I describe what happened next? I really don’t think I would be able to properly do that but I shall do my best.

Bill Manspeaker came to the stage, and he was still the punk rock God, commanding all the attention from the audience and being as crude as he always is. He introduced us to all the performers he had with him, which included clowns, skin-suit ladies, dogs, and his cohort Lazy Ass Destroyer who all performed for us. Once Green Jello proper hit the stage, total pandemonium broke out. They performed all their hits such as “Three Little Pigs” and “Obey the Cow God”. This is the only performance where it is encouraged to give the finger to the band and tell them how much they suck. The gimmick of being the worse band is still working for them, and mostly everyone in the audience was having fun performing as the punk rock puppets. When you are at a Green Jello show, it is very interactive, and I’m surprised there was still a venue left after they were done.

Again, it is hard to really describe everything that happened, so check out the Youtube live feed below of the show. Make sure to like and subscribe to the WTF-TV Youtube channel while you are it.

In all, this show was a insane fun time, even though it was chaos, it was much needed chaos. I was very happy I got to experience it, and if they come to town again in the future, I highly recommend you making it out so you can witness it at least once. Your  life will never be the same, I can guarantee that.

I will also say the Sub Alpine is an avid supporter of the music scene, and is a great venue to go to. If you have not been there yet, you need to go. This Saturday August 13th, they will be experiencing a Hanna Bakarat takeover. Doors open at 7pm, and admission is $10. This will be the perfect opportunity to have your first Sub Alpine experience and get you hooked enough to come back.

(photo credits: Josh Montedoro Photography)