Event ReviewsWoR, Crash Army, and The Almas at The Sub Alpine Society(Review)

Anthony McDonoughAugust 31, 2022

This past Sunday, I returned back to the Sub Alpine Society for what was to be a fully energetic evening. Even with the low crowd, the bands still gave it their all and left me very satisfied by the end of the night.

photo credit: Josh Montedoro Photography

Pittsburgh based CRASH ARMY opened up the evening with their energetic grunge rock sound. They have been called the reincarnated version of Nirvana, and it is very easy to understand why once you hear their performance. They are currently in a contest to be an opening act at Audacy’s annual concert at Hollywood bowl and are in the quarter finals. Your vote is needed to help them advance further, and it is free to do so here. These guys are hard working, and totally deserve the success they would get from this opportunity.

The Almas
Photo Credit: Josh Montedoro Photography

Next up was The Almas hailing from Wisconsin, and they added a bit sexy rock vibe to the evening. The gorgeous lead singer Crystal had everyone’s attention with her infectious energy and soothing vocals. One song they played was called “The Reflection” which I really related to. I am going to show you that below so you can understand why and maybe it will hit a note with you as well.

Photo credit: Josh Montedoro Photography

To end the evening, North Carolina’s WoR took the stage and blew me absolutely away. Before this, I got to talk to the lead vocalist Bobby DeMoss, and we had this inside joke of him wanting me to give them the worst review ever. But after that performance, I simply couldn’t bring myself to do it. They were very impressive, and had so much energy, I am surprised there was a roof left afterwards. I hope that they get to return again, and more people are able to see what they are about because they definitely deserve more attention.

I chalk it up to just another enjoyable evening at the Sub. The next show you can look forward to will be happening on Saturday September 10th with Offensive, Altared States, Ghostlight Labyrinth, Divine Tragedy, and the return of Illusions of Grandeur. Doors open at 7pm and admission is $10.

Thanks to Josh Montedoro Photography, part of our FAM photo team for the photos. Keep an eye out for Creature Feature for events happening in the area!