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Amanda Baker1 week ago11072 min

Some amazing photos from last week’s Women Who Rock event at Stage AE. The night featured a wonderful array of sponsors, vendors, and raffles, and all proceeds went to women’s health research. The live entertainment consisted of DJ Jess (not pictured), The Sounds of Pittsburgh Chorus, Lyndsey Smith, Melina Bowser, and headliner “The Queen of Percussion” Sheila E.!

Photography by Amanda Baker



Sounds of Pittsburgh Chorus





Lyndsey Smith





Melina Bowser




Sheila E.



Amanda Baker

A budding photographer in the Pittsburgh Music Scene for First Angel Media and The X, Amanda can often be found at shows, supporting local music and trying to help where she can with a passion for what she does.

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  • Dorothy Wakin

    June 6, 2019 at 8:29 pm

    I am a member of the Sounds of Pittsburgh Chorus and it was a fabulous experience to be a part of this special event!


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