ArticlesMusic ReviewsWinter’s Descent Conducts Chaos with “Black Magic Symphony”

D.N. RoweMarch 7, 2022

Released in early February, Winter’s Descent comes out swinging again with an even heavier hitting single, “Black Magic Symphony” that showcases so many strands of growth from these Pittsburgh native headbangers. The track starts off with a killer bass and cymbal groove that washes into the main riff, and you’re instantly on the ride of a life time. Crunchy guitar, hard hitting drums riddle the verses with drive and intent, and if that wasn’t enough, the chorus brings it all together in a down time, head banging chant-like section that you can’t help but sing along with. Not to mention, this neat little post chorus breakdown ties the entire composition together. All these elements prove that Winter’s Descent is a continuing force to be reckoned with, and the improvements on not only the production quality of this track compared to the last, but the composition and writing overall is a staple of ascension. These guys really have all the elements of a band that you want to hear more of, and I noticed the attention to the individual instruments that bring out a lot of character in this track. The bass in the beginning grooving with the drums is that attention to detail, it really gets the track moving and sets it up nicely for the verse.

Aside from the instrumentation, the vocals from lead singer Jerry Mulligan make this track everything it needs to be. Grit, melody, and quite a nice variety of vocal changes accompany every riff and groove this track has to offer. Lyrics are on point, speaking on inner struggle and distorted realities, everything that metal heads and music lovers alike relate to on any level. As with the composition, Jerry’s vocals have become a massive powerhouse of emotion and raw energy, yet refined and controlled. Vocalists and musicians like this glue me to the social page, I have to watch to see where they are playing live next, I have to see when their next single is, because all you want is more. Personally I will not be missing the first chance to see this dynamic band live, as their tracks have moved me in such a way that you can just tell there is power and emotion on their live stage. This isn’t a band you go to see at a bar, and sit around with ur buddies drinking and yapping it up with the bartender, this is a band you go to see and dedicate yourself to the stage and witness what they have to offer.

“Black Magic Symphony” is almost an anthem, calling all other musicians to rise up and showcase your own magic. This track sounds as if it’s meant to inspire and light fires, it doesn’t let up or back down, it does not apologize and it has no regrets. This is pure talent and passion at the highest of levels. Into the wishing well, and if you decide to not dive in, your secret’s safe with me.