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D.N. RoweNovember 16, 2021

Whitney Peyton made her return to The Vortex in Akron, Ohio this past Friday. For guests coming to see her, artists preparing to perform, and workers preparing for the busy evening it was going to be quite a memorable event. Artists on the bill for the night were Mettal Maffia, HB the Grizzly, Bella J, Casey Xans, Bolic, The Knightheart, Ducky, Big Toke, and Uncle TJ. Let me tell you everyone was excited for this event. As every show goes friends turn in to family, and bonds grow into a continued building into a united scene.

For some this was their first time seeing Whitney Peyton live, and for those who had already seen her at past shows were just as excited. Each artist put all their heart into their music when performing on stage. You could feel the passion and dedication between each performance and the crowd had quite the good time as each artist performed, but what really got everyone going was when Whitney herself appeared on stage. With her drummer and guitarist on stage before her everyone was waiting in anticipation, and so the two had put on a short song for the crowd to get everyone going and after the lights went dim, and a announcement went off calling on Whitney and then she appeared to the stage! Immediately getting the crowd going with excitement the show went on, and to say it would be forgotten is truly an understatement.

As Whitney performed the crowd cheered and danced around with excitement. They had even shot off confetti into the crowd during her performance which was quite a moment. All in all her performance was high energy, and all around fun. To know the experience you would have had to of been there, however through these words I feel you’d understand that it was a memorable experience.

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