News & OpinionWe’re Teaming Up with Music Talks to give Local Music a Louder Voice!

Craig FerryNovember 7, 2020

As anyone who has followed my social media knows, I am a huge promoter of the local music scene. I love the talent in southwest PA and am always encouraging my followers to go to the local venues and support our hometown musicians. We are so lucky to have such a great variety of fantastic artists and awesome venues. Sometimes though, people are hesitant to go out to a new venue and check out an unknown artist without knowing whether they will like them or not. Well two local western Pennsylvania folks decided to do something about that by introducing Music Talks.

Rick Fike is a lover of music who works for Armstrong Cable. Part of his job is to cover different events for Armstrong. Occasionally his work would take him to places where he would film musicians performing. He enjoys doing this, but would frequently be at the mercy of whoever was hired to do sound and lighting as well as their choice of location. Back in 2018 he had a vision of creating a show that promoted local artists. He wanted to control the production of everything including the location, video setup, sound and lighting. He also wanted to do all the post recording work including editing the video and maintaining the YouTube channel. This way he knew he could have a quality show that was fully under his control. He is the master of all the behind the scenes duties but needed someone to be the face of Music Talks.

Enter Chelsea Ritenour. Chelsea is a classically trained singer who not only traveled internationally performing, but is currently in the midst of releasing some new music with her band. But that’s a story for another time. When a friend of Rick heard that he was looking for someone to host a show, they knew that Chelsea would be a great fit. After all, who better to host a show about local musicians than someone who is active in the music scene. So the connection was made and they met in a local coffee show for Rick to pitch his idea.

Well obviously Chelsea loved the idea that Rick pitched and the show ‘Music Talks’ was born. They started producing the show in 2019 taping weekly episodes. Word got around and they were booked months in advance with musicians wanting to appear on the show. The first year went wonderfully and they were still booked months in advance going into 2020 and then, as with everything else, COVID slammed on the brakes.

Just recently they have once again started to tape shows. The list of bands is starting to take off again and build momentum.

This is where we at First Angel Media approached Rick and Chelsea to see if we could help promote their show. Their mission, just like First Angel Media, is primarily have a platform where local talent has a place to be on display for the world to see. So starting this week, we will provide some photographs and a link to the most recent artist Music Talks is spotlighting. So check them out on YouTube and Facebook and not only support Music Talks, but more importantly support your local artists so we will have a local music scene in the years to come.

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