ArticlesWe All Lay in Silhouette Death’s Grave

You walk into a cemetery.  There’s a fog so thick, it’s almost cliché`.  A lonely, vengeful, smiling face greets you from behind one of the tombstones.  You’re frozen, chilled, and frightened beyond movement if ghosts and that kind of thing get to you, but ultimately the two of you sit down for a conversation about love, loss, and life and you realize that the face isn’t scary.  It’s just loved, lost, and lived just like you have, and it’s human as hell.   The fear becomes an intangible bond, and you feel like you’ve made a new friend.

If you relate to the above in any way, shape, or form, then you’ve likely already heard Silhouette Death’s music.  Although SD mastermind Dead Dreamz full length “Haunted Reflections”, and the ten tracks that comprise this 35 minute journey are not his most recent work, they are some of his best.  On that note, let’s dive in.

Many know Dead Dreamz as the co-owner behind BTMX, the online media company that specializes in promoting and creating culture and buzz around underground bands.  He’s been in the music industry in some capacity for twenty five years.  It’s been rumored that he might be everyone from Corey Taylor to Chad Gray (no, really), and despite such allegations, he has remained exclusively underground, choosing to engage in very little self promotion for his own work.  Rather he insists that his music be his sole voice, and that others be the one to spread his message.

“For a Time” kicks off the proceedings with a spooky but catchy trap-inspired beat with Atari-like bleeps and bloops.  The mood is melancholy, which is carried over by the background synth whole notes.  Dead doesn’t speak yet.  He wants you to look at the wall paper first and wonder just what it’s made out of.  “Shallow Gain” opens with a carnivalesque organ refrain as the man himself lights a smoke and formerly welcomes us to the darkest recesses of his mind.   The beat that eventually drops is fun and bouncy, and wouldn’t be out of place on a Backstreet track if it weren’t so damn threatening.  “Shamed Love”  revs things up with our first hint of metal guitar, but it’s on the black metal frenzy of “That Day” that reminds us all, lest we forget, Silhouette Death knows how to do the HEAVY.

While favorites are highlighted above, I can not understate how much a Silhouette Death project must be heard in it’s entirety.  Dead explores so many flavors, genres, and emotional contexts that you can’t get a full picture unless you really stand back and look at the entire thing.  The element that always brings us back to the world of Dead Dreamz is the unmistakable voice.  Whether crooning, growling, or free-styling emotional vomit-melodies over trap beats and trip-hop textures, you absolutely know that Dead Dreamz is singing when Dead Dreamz is singing. You can’t possibly mistake him for anyone else.

So who is Dead?  No one really knows.  Hell, I’ve spoken with him several times and I’ve never seen his face.  Most don’t know his real name, and he wants it that way.  If you think he’s Corey Taylor, Chad Gray, or Harry Houdini, so much the better.  The only thing he will allow you and I to know is that he loves metal (and all kinds of music), is influenced by his life experiences, personal stories, and lived pain above all else, and that other than connecting through his music, he really just wants to be left the hell alone.

Do yourself a favor, heed both warnings.  Approach the man with caution, but approach his music immediately and with reckless abandon.  There are many treasures to behold inside.

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