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Patrick McElravy12 months ago3503 min

Victoria Fire

Alternative Hard Rock

New kids on the block Victoria Fire have come out of the gate swinging with a fresh new demo. While being only a two track demo, these guys more than prove that they will be a force amongst the Pittsburgh scene once they get their bearings.

Victoria Fire presents us with tracks “Haunted” and “Low”. A good dose of alternative metal, churning out vibes reminiscent of bands like the Deftones, Flyleaf, and Saint Asonia. Melodic and downtuned riffage mixed with soaring vocals create the perfect recipe that will have this short release on repeat.

“Haunted” greatly showcases what to expect from the band. Catchy songwriting with a smart sense of melody really amplify this track instrumentally. The grooves of bassist Cory Schuster lay the foundation for the riffage of guitarist Andy Oddo. A great guitar solo from Andy greatly displays his apt for technical skill and smart songwriting. Kaitlyn Washko’s vocals go hand in hand with the band like a glove. Smooth melodic lines in the verses along with ethereal and haunting harmony work make way for a massive chorus.

“Low” follows suit in much of the same fashion. I feel this track is where the band really hits their stride. Gigantic instrumentals along with emotional vocals from Kaitlyn throughout this track keep you engaged for the ride. “Low” definitely pulls out them Deftones vibes mentioned earlier and keeps you headbanging and wanting more afterwards.

While an impressive release, the band is still very young and looking to find a drummer to fill out their line up. While a couple spots performance wise could be tightened up on the demo, Victoria Fire have made a pretty large statement with these two tracks. I greatly look forward to watching these guys grow and tear it up on the stage soon.


Patrick McElravy

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