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Suzanne DeCree1 month ago903 min

I’ve been a Verity White fan for somewhere between three and four years. It was originally her powerfully soulful vocal style that reeled me in and kept me coming back.

The British bombshell from Cheltenham always delivers on her unique style of straight-ahead rock. Having already been familiar with the full-band version of “Inside Your Love” from the Reclaim album, this acoustic version does not disappoint.

Unlike many electric guitar lines, this heavily blues-inspired guitar translates extremely well to acoustic, without losing the energy or drive of the original.

“Inside Your Love” opens with the main guitar riff and immediately sets the song into toe-tapping mode. Verity does not hold back on her vocals, putting the same drive and energy into the acoustic version as she does into the full-band version.

More prevalent in the acoustic version than the original are the harmonies throughout the pre-chorus and chorus and that is a good thing. One of the things that Verity does right is create incredible melody lines – full of emotion and power, and the harmonies play off of this melody ever so perfectly.

It’s always refreshing to hear an acoustic version of a song that isn’t just a watered-down copy of the original, but adds either a new dimension or a new spin on the song. And this acoustic version delivers just that.

The single drops on Friday, April 17, 2020. You can check out Verity on her website, Facebook or whichever streaming platform you prefer.

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