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Suzanne DeCree2 years ago18234 min

There is nothing I like more than seeing a young band come into their own.

That’s exactly what’s happening with the up and coming Prog Rock band
Unfinished Evolution.

So far, I’ve seen them play times – twice last year and most recently on
October 12th, 2018 at the Smiling Moose on Southside.  Every time I see
them play, they get tighter and more polished. While that is generally
supposed to happen with a band, it doesn’t always.

Especially not when that band is doing original 13-minute Progressive Rock
epics and they’re all under 16.

As with any band, there have been a few line-up changes over the past year
or so, but the current line-up is kicking ass and taking names!

Last year when I saw them, Julia Maletta, the singer, was tentative and
not really sure she belonged on stage. A week ago, she owned the stage. It
was fairly obvious that there were some monitor issues but she pushed
through confidently and delivered a solid performance.

Her vocal range has improved and I was very glad to see that there was a
lot more power to her voice.

The heart of the band has always been its rhythm section. Brandon
Kaltenbaugh, drums, and Pete Rauch, bass, lock in solidly together to
drive the complex rhythm changes over which the rest of the band can weave
their harmonic and melodic intricacies.

As a guitarist, I noticed the most improvement in Noodles McGee. His
command of the neck and the fluidity with which he can switch between
chord voicings are reminiscent of my days listening to jazz jams.

The newest addition to the band is Logan Haughey. The depth and warmth his
keyboards add to the music are nicely countrapuntal to the harshness of
his growls.

Though not technically Heavy Metal, Unfinished Evolution takes many cues
from the Metal world and I found the slightly softer music (SLIGHTLY
softer…) with the growls to be an interesting combination.

The takeaway? If you like Prog Rock, this is definitely a band to keep
your eye on.

The Setlist:
Inciting Incident
Elevator Jazz
Downward Spiral

Check out Unfinished Evolution on Instagram: @UnfinishedEvolution

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