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Kylie ThomasJune 10, 2021

For decades people have overlooked and underappreciated women in metal bands, but powerful modern-metal band, Skarlett Riot, destroys any weak stereotype of a metal frontwoman with its latest album, “Invicta”.

Skarlett Riot is a UK-based band featuring female lead singer, Skarlett. The band twists the genres of pop and metal to generate their sound. This sound is inclusive to both hardcore-metal fans and modern-rock fans. Skarlett’s light vocals are backed by heavy, intricate guitar by Danny, deep bass by Tim, and trembling double bass drums by Luke. On the new album, “Invicta,” released on May 7, the band takes all their talents and spins them together in a way that’s unlike their first two albums. “Invicta” has allowed Skarlett Riot to spread its wings and fly. 

“Invicta” is the product of years of maturing for the band. After three years, the band was able to put together an album that explores so many different areas of life struggles. There are positive and negative notes in relation to the idea, from being pushed to rock bottom to bouncing back again. The lyrics have matured and so has the musicality, with Skarlett progressing her intense vocals and the band joining together to blend each note seamlessly with their advancing skills. 

The album kicks off with the song “Breaking the Habit,” reminiscent of Evanescence. It’s an encouraging anthem of moving forward and leaving bad habits in the past. The song is the perfect opening to an album filled with melodic guitar underlined with pounding bass and drums while beautiful and heart-wrenching vocals skim on top like lily pads on the water. 

The metaphor of lily pads on top of deep, dark water is the perfect depiction for the whole album. The appealing vocals are just the surface of the album. Below the vocals, there is a world filled with complex harmonies, guitar riffs, sincere lyrics, and so much more that make up this expressive album. 

There’s a lot to talk about with the vocals and lyrics as Skarlett layers her vocals together with a classic metal scream but the instrumentation of the album provides even more to dissect. One standout song is actually the ballad, “Into Pieces,” thanks partly to the instrumentation. Listeners get a raw look at just how talented these musicians are. The finger-picked acoustic guitar leads the song through the first half until mighty electric guitar, bass, and drums take over the second half. 

It’s not a basic metal ballad, the song has an experimentation aspect behind it that lets it prevail amongst the other tracks. Skartlett’s vocals lend to this experimentation as well as she proves that she’s a powerhouse singer that doesn’t need fancy fills to back her up. 

Even though the band is from the UK, their music aligns with everything American metalheads love most. Skarlett Riots’ art is truly for any fan of metal music across the globe and, “Invicta” is a great introduction. A fast-moving album filled with shadowy stories and gleaming melodies. Let the Riot commence. 

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  • Ralph Beauchamp

    June 11, 2021 at 11:57 am

    Great review. I like the symmetry of the metalcore and melodic.

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