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Traverse the Abyss- Brand New Self Titled Release

From the other side of the tracks in Scranton, Pennsylvania comes Traverse the Abyss with a brand new self titled EP.

“Traverse the Abyss” is a fun, brutal Ep to rock out to. The band shows they have plenty of tricks up their sleeves in melding various sub genres of metal on this release. From the metalcore Tom Foolery of “Failure” to the fret board blazing that takes place in “Battle Cry”, nothing is off limits to these guys and they don’t mind opening up a can of whoop ass on the listener.
The sounds that paint the landscape for this Ep take me back to a place of nostalgia. When I hear the howls and snarls of vocalist Eric Abyss I am reminded of jamming Evergreen Terrace on the bus in high school. The twin guitar attack of Mike White and Matt Mierzejewski call back to the days of scrolling through myspace and thrashing around to the newest metalcore I can find. The rhythm section of Nathan Cardona and Mike Bieniecki hammer away track after track with airtight groove and precision. A very tight unit the punishes and crushes every step of the way.
Traverse the Abyss have released a great Ep jammed pack with killer riffs and grooves. The band as a whole is a solid unit, I’d like to see them push their songwriting outside the normal metalcore affair. They have the potential to achieve it, it’s just a matter of finding a way to break the mold to get there.

Traverse the Abyss EP available now via Itunes, Google Play, Spotify, Bandcamp, CD Baby & more!! Here’s a few places to keep track of these guys and stay up to date on what they’re doing next –

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