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Trainwrecked rages off the rails with their Debut EP, Unhinged

Metalcore maniacs Trainwrecked released their debut EP Unhinged on Friday, July 15th. I’ve seen a lot of posts and press on them and have been trying to catch these guys out for a minute. When I saw they had a free show at 222 Ormsby the day of their release, and when the stars aligned that I ALSO was an unhinged, child-free adult that day, I knew it was finally go time.

When I arrived, Fall off the Earth had just started off the night and the place was already on fire. I watched from the corner in awe at how absolutely nuts they were. Their singer’s voice is unique and top notch. After they wrapped up, I mingled a bit and discovered that not only was this a free show, but they had graciously stocked the fridge with free liquids of several varieties. Metalheads are the sweetest people, whether they think so or not.

Next up was Darkroom, who I had never heard of before but was certainly glad to make their acquaintance. I remember them shouting something to the effect of “get out and stab someone” a few times. They had so much energy and were a total blast! Once I was relatively sure there were no active stabbings in progress I went and danced around the pit a little with some of the coolest metal girls you could bump aggressively into.

Finally, it was time – the main event. I was so pumped once they finally started, I immediately ran in the center and started slamming into everyone who came near me. And then I fell. Then fell again. Fell a third time, in quick succession. The audience was doing more picking me up than dancing at that point, so I returned to my corner to observe from a reasonable distance. The whole house was freaking out, people were moshing until they literally trudged outside to pass out. Nary a shirt could be found upon any metal man in attendance by the end of it. Trainwrecked absolutely tore the place down! I took a bit of video as evidence in case you don’t believe me:

I had to leave at the end of their set because I was almost out of phone battery to summon an Uber and wanted to make sure I ended up surviving the experience. Naturally after that lovely evening, I went home and threw on the new EP Unhinged to give it a proper listen (in an environment with much lower risk of bodily harm).

The EP opens with a song called “B. D. S. M.”. This track slaps so incredibly hard it left a red hand mark, and I’m into it. I LOVEE the style of music, it’s so hard but still kind of groovy and sing-along-able. The guitar absolutely RIPS. The drum and bass make it physically impossible to not head bang, it’s like when they hit your knee with that triangle thing. It just automatically happens.

Another track I really got into is “Auditory Hallucinations”. The vocals on this one are so extra killer. They’re all over the place and remind me of some terrible nightmare I’ve wet the bed over since grade school, in the MOST complimentary way. It’s fun, it’s punchy, it’s screamy, it’s delightful.

It ends with a track called “Failure”, which is anything but. It’s hard and fast and makes me wanna kick a stranger on the street in the shins. A nice strong finish to this 5 song haunted-hayride-in-hell of an EP, you’ll be screaming the chorus for days to come.

Unhinged absolutely BANGS, beginning to end. You’re gonna want to check it out and get out to see these guys live, too. Just bring your elbow pads!