M.U.S.E.Top 5 MUSE of 2021

Anthony McDonoughDecember 31, 2021

As we wave goodbye to 2021, let’s take a look at the top 5 MUSE of the year. There was a lot of good content, and it was almost impossible to narrow it down, but I think the choices I made will speak for themselves.

Number 5:

Ludovico Technique has been very productive in 2021, releasing a singles left and right. His most hypnotic song was “Embrace, and left it hard to look away from the entrancing stare of the vocalist:


Number 4:

The Breathing Process ended up being a surprise hit with their single “Wilt, which will leave you gasping for air after the brutal assault that follows:


Number 3:

Not My God wanted to announce that they were back with a vengeance, and the unsettling “Ashes” showed that perfectly. Dripping with dark intensity, it left you a little afraid but also wanting more:


Number 2:

Emzy Enzy has been giving a taste of what they been brewing up, and has been reworking some of their already released songs. One of those being “Broken Machine Blues” which was a rework of their song featured here “Symphony of the Broken Machine”. This song is the more fiercer version, and shows much of their influence that comes from bands such as Ministry and Nine Inch Nails:


And Number 1:


Hanna Bakarat takes your breath away with her single “Siren”. There was no way I could not include this one in the list, and more and more, I felt this was the top MUSE of the year. I mean, it still gives goosebumps just listening to it. I think you will agree this deserves to be the top of 2021:


That wraps up 2021 in a nice little bow for me. I look forward to what is to come for 2022, so stay tuned, and expect lots of awesomeness to come.