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Reina Peli1 year ago6612 min

ThunderStruck America’s AC/DC TributeNeutral LossTommy Magik and the Wonderfulls take over The Crafthouse with a SOLD OUT crowd.  From elbows to shoulders, butts to backs, weaving your way through the crowd was a hard task to accomplish!  I actually got stuck behind the stage but you’ll hear no complaints from me.  I had a clear view of the action on stage and action it was!  Thunderstruck rips the stage to pieces.

That crowd photo is Pam. It was her birthday. I didn’t know who Pam was when I found my reserved seat at a full table but she and her family were a wonderful delight. She was living her best life.  She is a huge AC/DC fan as you can see. Right up front! So Pam, if you’re seeing this wherever you are I hope your birthday was awesome! Please enjoy the photos from the night and if you get a chance to catch any of these three bands you won’t be disappointed.



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