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Through the Looking Glass: AL1CE As Above Tour

There is a saying that goes along the lines ‘you can walk in and decide to influence the room no matter where you go’. I can say I experienced that many times, and on Sunday when I walked into Black Forge Coffee House in Mckees Rocks, PA, it was one of those times. I knew it would be special. Distortion Productions was hosting AL1CE for their Pittsburgh stop during their As Above Tour. Once everyone got settled in, and for a Sunday, it was one heck of a draw, it was time to set the mood for the evening.

Doors in the Labyrinth

Doors in the Labyrinth, a one man darkwave project from the bowels of Pittsburgh, PA took the stage to open the evening, and he had one heck of a sonic presentation. His music is meant to invoke something within, and have you feeling something with the lyrics and melodies within. He played two songs that have not been heard live before, one of them being an orchestral version of “Scrounge’s Lament” from the Respect the Prime The Constructed Cold EP. It was very moving rendition, and had the crowd in awe. By the time of the show, the physical copies of the EP were completely sold out, however you can still get digital copies here.

The Molecule Party

Then it was time to get sexy and sultry with The Molecule Party injecting the evening with their electronic punk rock vibe. The set was very energetic with the lead singer shaking her hips and getting the crowd hot as they hung on her every word. This was certainly something else, and just added to the evening as a whole.

Then, it was time for the closing act. But before that, earlier in the evening, I had a spontaneous idea to conduct a live interview with AL1CE, which you can check out below courtesy of Aquarius Media Productions:

They took the stage looking very ethereal under the lights, and for my first time ever seeing them live, they had a very spectacular performance. Even when the spirits were possessing their equipment(sadly a bass guitar was a victim that could not be reclaimed), they still managed to interject their magic onto the crowd, and had everyone cheering and swaying along. They made the stage their home up until the last song, and left a lasting mark that would be impossible to erase.

AL1CE with A.L.McDonough

Another successful Distortion show in the books, and we should expect this will not be the last time seeing AL1CE in our city. The very last show for 2022 from Distortion Productions will be taking place Tuesday November 22nd at Black Forge Coffee House and will feature recent signee Eva X with support from Dichro. Doors open at 8pm, and tickets are $20 or $25 at the door. You can purchase advance tickets here.

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