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Patrick McElravy5 days ago885 min

In the mood to get some angst out with some croon and swoon? Libson, Ohio alternative rockers Three Vultures may just be the fix you’re looking for. They have recently dropped their new album Rebirth and they are aiming for the heartstrings and jugular.

Rebirth rocks likes the best parts of 2003. Bearing a heavy post grunge/nu metal sound, you get a pretty good idea what Three Vultures has to offer with bands like Smile Empty Soul, Seether, and Trust Company. Lightly picked guitars, heavy power chords, and emotional vocals paint the soundscape that the band has to offer. With strong songwriting and emotive energy, it’s no wonder these guys have begun to build some buzz around their name.

As a whole, Rebirth is a very raw album. There’s no “studio magic”, just 3 guys playing their asses off like their lives depended on it. The lack of production on “Rebirth” lends itself to the album’s greatest strengths as well as its greatest weaknesses. The raw nature of Rebirth really allows you to connect with the music and lyrics and become one with it, sometimes almost emphatic in nature. Putting the shoe on the other foot though, the uneven mix can be a little off putting, especially when the band drives for a hard hitting refrain and the mix detracts from the band’s heavy impact. Despite this occurrence in the production side of the album, Three Vultures still shine through with some fine alternative rock that keep you engaged for the long haul.

Key cuts include lead single “Numb”, “Circus Clowns”, and “Wasteland’. “Circus Clowns” and “Numb” follow much in the same vein, but damn do they rock hard and start the album off on the right foot. Heavy hitting riffs with raspy, strained vocals along with quiet, vulnerable vocal melodies really tug at the heart strings. In “Wasteland” we see the band sit back as the acoustic guitars take the center stage with some of the best vocals heard on the album, allowing the emotion to put the listener in an almost hypnotic state (get your Kleenex handy).

I see Three Vultures  having a strong future ahead of them. With some stronger production work on their next album these guys have potential to make their mark and step out of their local scene and do some big things. Despite its setbacks in production, Rebirth is still a great album that lets us take a peek at a band growing and earning their stripes. I know for one I can’t wait to see what the future holds for these gentlemen. So put on your JNCO’s and beanie and be sure to get a copy of “Rebirth” today and catch them on a stage near you!

Patrick McElravy

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