Event ReviewsThree bands, one great evening at The Bridge!!

Anthony McDonoughFebruary 28, 2023

I’ve been hearing good things about The Bridge Music Bar in the heart of Pittsburgh, PA, so I was excited to be able to check it out for the first time this past Thursday February 23rd. The fact there was an amazing line-up of bands made it even more special,

First let me begin by telling you that the venue was worth the hype. It is an amazing spot for live shows with plenty of room, a pretty stellar stage, and there is an outside area for events as well. Both the sound and lighting are very impressive, and time will tell, but this may be another one to add to the list of my favorite venues.

Take Me With You

As everyone got settled in at The Bridge stage, Take Me With You was the first act to open up the festivities, and they had a very energetic set. Each song they played was designed to get the crowd moving and they succeeded in that. It was a great way to set the tone for the rest of the night, and the lead singer of the group has an awesome vocal range. If you have yet to hear them live, I highly recommend doing so especially if you are into the post punk genre.

Hemlock For Socrates

The duo known as Hemlock for Socrates was the next to take the stage, and they had a pretty amazing performance. Both compliment each other with both their guitar work as well as the way they both deliver on vocals. They have a way of connecting to the audience, getting enraptured in their sound. They are the type of band you would expect to hear in a darkened bar as they add to the ambience, and another band I would highly recommend checking into.

God Hates Unicorns

Then it was the time for the new and improved God Hates Unicorns to close out the evening. This would be their first show playing with a new lineup, and holy crap, it was such a fun performance. Before they started, everyone in the audience got unicorn horns to wear. To describe the performance as a whole, it was zany, chaotic, and it rocked everyone’s socks off. There were impromptu nap times, people got hit by pillows, and it was just a fantastic way to end the evening. Their sound has vastly improved, and it will be interesting to see what else they will be capable of as they do more shows. One thing I can say for sure, they are only going to get bigger and better, so if you get the chance, you won’t want to miss out on a chance to catch them live.

An amazing line up of three different local bands, one great evening at The Bridge. I could not ask for anything better than what I experienced.

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