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Anthony McDonough2 months ago1666 min

Following their Christmas release of the single “Corpse Bride“, Third Realm has finally released the music video for the track, courtesy of their label darkTunes Music Group. Third Realm describes their sound as Bipolar Pop, which I can definitely hear that in the new single. From start to finish, this song keeps you moving with roaring guitars, pumping drum track, and a catchy chorus. It’s a different sound but still fun little tune to dance around to.

Third Realm began back in 2000, the dark electronic project of Buffalo, NY native Nathan Reiner. They’ve achieved international recognition for their work on countless compilation albums and remixes, club and radio play, high profile performances with the likes of 3teeth, Aesthetic Perfection, Dawn of Ashes, and Psyclon Nine, and an exhaustive catalog of full length albums, EP’s, and singles.

Third Realm should be familiar to those involved in the Pittsburgh goth/industrial scene as they collaborated with Distortion Productions, internationally known for their Electronic Saviors compilations. The proceeds of these releases go towards funding cancer research, and Third Realm contributed a track to the most recent Electronic Saviors Volume VI.

Aside from the “Corpse Bride” single, you can check out their material and other great artists on the darkTunes website, and find tons of links and official merchandise on the Third Realm website, and even more through the links below.

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