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Darren Lewis3 months ago1683 min

Yeah, we know Metal is or should be about  anti-authoritarianism and whatnot, but one can be renegade without acting like a heel. What would Wolverine do? Think about it.

Shows should be fun, and ruining another metal fan’s night ain’t fun or cool. Here’s a few guidelines I think metalheads could afford to follow.

Rule #1 of Metal Concertgoing: Be nice and considerate. Don’t harass or attempt to injure people for whatever reason.

Rule #2 of Metal Concertgoing: Don’t be snooty. Discotheque culture doesn’t apply here. We don’t need cast-offs from that scene. Protect the solidarity metalheads have with each other. It is vital. Biggest snobs = biggest posers.

Remember that we were never the cool kids. Leave that shit in high school. We’re all misfits and need to stick together and stop alienating one another. Let there be no hierarchies or cliques. Go to some expensive, douchey, meat-market bar if you must spend your evening looking your nose down on people.

Rule #3 of Metal Concertgoing: You’re free to leave if you’re not having a good time. Rubbing other metal fans the wrong way poisons the well.

Rule #4 of Metal Concertgoing: Welcome new blood and those from different walks of life. Scenes age and die without that. It’s always someone’s first show somewhere. Not everyone has been entrenched in a particular scene forever. Metal is a global phenomenon now. Celebrate and encourage diversity.

Rule #5 of Metal Concertgoing: Don’t disrupt the show. Don’t throw things at the band. Don’t mess with their gear. Musicians are at work. Security detail doesn’t pay well. Make it an easy night for those guys.


What did I miss? Feel free to add your own.


Darren Lewis

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  • Build the Scene

    February 24, 2019 at 11:09 pm

    I never thought about this, Darren. Love the article!


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