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D.N. Rowe1 month ago418 min

J.R.R. Tolkien wrote what is arguably the most famous and well known fantasy series in known history called The Lord of the Rings. More recently famous is the movie adaptation by Peter Jackson that ignited a culture all its own. Everything from cosplays to famous movie quotes known to nearly every household across the known world. Entire bands and musicians even pay homage with their own take on the series in song. One of those is Sean “Orc” Adams better known as ORCumentary.

With¬†The Lord of the Rings being one of my favorite all-time movies, I was excited to hear the New England natives’ latest single entitled “The Time of the Orc Has Come”. It begins to grab your attention with this flute-like ominous melody and from the moment it starts I truly believe fans can begin to picture and hear the scene where Gothmog says his famous line as the orc army invade Minas Tirith, “The Age of Men is over, the time of the Orc has come!”

Another release “The Betrayer’s Song” also from the full-length album “Fully ORChesrated” boasts a much more aggressive overtone and has a very epic, upbeat, and triumphant feel that continues the story-driven, orc spoke music that calls all fantasy fans to gather in masses.

“LOTR was a big inspiration for sure.” says the red-bearded Orc Adams. When asked about this latest single he said “This release is symphonic, but I’d say my usual style is like power/folk/death metal” As you could imagine, something so specific as “Orc Rock” (as Adams calls it) must be somewhat difficult to market. Branding himself well, Adams has found a cozy little spot in the sea of available content by doing everything from video segments of himself rocking a melodica, to hosting a weekly vlog called “Orc of the Week” where Adams stays deep in character with his Orc voice and tells mighty tales of once-famous orcs known throughout fantasy lore.

He believes in the magic that is this culture of fantasy so much, he is donating a portion of the proceeds from pre-order of the album “Fully ORChestrated” to Project Northmoor where their goal is to take the very house J.R.R. Tolkien wrote the beloved franchise in, and make it the worlds first literary center dedicated to his work. His passion for this subject matter is displayed on the surface, and comes through in his music. It has a very organic feel, and puts you right in the times of Middle Earth through symphony and arrangement that seems as though they were written by Tolkien if he were into metal. Let’s face it, if he were around today I would be confident in saying it’s close to what he had envisioned for a modern day society to grasp the magical story of what he had portrayed in his books.

It’s fun, catchy, heavy and hilarious. Nerds and metal heads alike can appreciate and jam to this unique brand of “Orc Rock” and talk all the Tolkien-lore while sharing in festive, hearty drinks of mead and mountains of meat and plunder in all its wonderful glory. Be sure to like and follow ORCumentary on social media, pre-order Fully Orchestrated available February 5th, as well as get some wicked ORCumentary merch before its all gone because time of the Orc has come.

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  • Veil

    January 24, 2021 at 12:16 pm

    Ok that was badass!


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