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Patrick McElravy5 months ago2657 min

2019 has been an amazing year of music within the realms of independent and underground artists. With so much amazing talent that has come across my path over here at First Angel Media, I can’t help but be excited for what new music 2020 has in store! Here is my Top 10 releases of 2019 that have been in constant rotation for me and why they should be yours as well!

In no particular order:

Fetish HotelDing Dong Ditcher
Absolutely devastating grindcore. Ding Dong Ditcher is a lo-fi masterpiece of technical wizardry and carnage that rips you limb from limb without remorse. There is just no other way to put it, if you dig chaotic music…this should surely tickle your fancy!

Progressive deathcore act Psithurism made their mark on the scene with their debut self-titled Ep this year. Riddled with chunky breakdowns and progressive tendencies, this young act proved themselves quickly a force to be reckoned with on account of their concrete songwriting and bludgeoning power.

CaynugMental Junkyard
Two parts alternative metal, 2 parts progressive metal….Caynug’s leviathan of a  release Mental Junkyard proved to be quite the emotional masterpiece in the vein of Karnivool and Seven. A must have for fans who like their prog with a side of nu metal.

Monolith serves as an amalgamation between the groove and technical dexterity of Haji’s Kitchen and the one-two punch of Machine Head. With a powerhouse of a band and versatile vocal performance, fans of 90’s groove metal and early 00’s alternative metal should be acquainting themselves with the likes of Paradigm.

LyrizoneSweet Relief
Metallic horrorcore act Lyrizone took the underground by storm a few months back with the release of Sweet Relief. With larger than life production coupled with lyrical virtuoso and delivery, Lyrizone made it easy on the ears as he hacked his listeners to bits with his slash and gash brand of hip hop.

Divine EraScripture Codes Summon Suicidal Thoughts
One man groove machine Divine Era hit his stride with the release of Scripture Codes Summon Suicidal Thoughts. With guitar prowess that would make Dimebag Darrell proud and vocals that are a marriage between Matt Heafy and Chester Bennington, Divine Era proves to be a hidden gem for anyone who is a fan of metal.

Bastion’s WakeSea Creatures and Sky Pirates
Cinematic metal heads Bastion’s Wake created quite the soundscape with the release of this album. With over the top theatrics and powerful vocal dynamics, the duo engulf the listener in a world of their own with pirates and metallic mysticism. A truly unique and powerful experience.

Color ChemistryA Light Above
Color Chemistry blasted their way on the scene in 2019 with a powerful blend of prog and quirky synth-laden shenanigans. If you like your metal with doses of melody enriched in the sounds of Nintendo and Atari and shred, look no further than these synth-core fanatics.

Demo DemonBlackout- Chapter 3
Demo Demo had quite a lot to say with the release of Blackout-Chapter 3. Riddled with lyrical exorcisms and a smorgasbord of powerhouse features, Demo Demon holds nothing back as he spits fire on this jam packed album. With powerful lyrical schemes and catchy hooks, Blackout-Chapter 3 belongs in the collection of anyone that is a fan of underground hip hop.


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