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adminJune 13, 2021

the Pennsylvania Rock Show #571 Interview Session

On episode 571, Pittsburgh’s sleaziest punk rock n’ roll band, The Cheats joined Bill to talk about their band, past bands, wishes and more.

Featuring music from: Dragline, Six Bar Break, The Cheats, Royal Honey, Rocky Dennis Face, 13 Saints, Unbroken Soul

Interview Segment 1 with The Cheats
Where did your band name come from?
Your band kind of takes the term regional/national act to a different level, tell us about your current line up. Where is everyone from and what part to they have in the band?
Todd, having been in a couple of signed bands, what do you see as the advantages and disadvantages of being signed and/or DIY?
With venues opening back up, which venues are you most excited to grace the stages at?
What would you sell your soul to the Devil to get?
If I was on tour with you, what would the sound track between shows sound like?
If you could sit on a bench for one hour with a musical idol, what would you ask them?
What is the writing process for The Cheats like?
Interview Segment 2
Who is your Dave Grohl?
You can play with any band in any location, who and where?
If you could go back in time and follow 1 band around for a full year to learn from them, who and why?
You get to take 2 other local bands with you on an international tour, who would you take?
Tell me about an embarrassing moment that one of your band members had on stage.