Fan Firstthe Pennsylvania Rock Show #561 Interview Session

the Pennsylvania Rock Show #561 Interview Session

Eric Rodger of Royal Honey and Bill have a long conversation about the scene, their new single Cut n’ Run, Gigaroo, Milvale Music Festival, The Band Jam Grass Roots Music Festival, SOS PGH Concert Series, and more.

Featuring music from: Winter’s Descent, Royal Honey, The Borstal Boys, Shock Frenzy

Segment 1 with Eric Rodger
If you were waiting in a crossroads and the devil offered you what you wanted, what would you trade your soul for?
Where does the artwork for your albums and singles come from?
You guys have some festivals coming up, do you want to mention them? (Check our our 2021 Festival Guide)
Tell us about your new single Cut n’ Run.
Segment 2 with Eric of Royal Honey
Your song, SOS 2020 started its own movement and you can get the whole story on how the song is raising money for NIVA’s Emergency Relief fund. It has also sparked its own concert series with season 2 starting on April 8, 2021.
This season features Singer Songwriter Night, a Blues Night, a Jazz Night, and a Metal Night.
We discuss Winter Descent’s new track, Fortune.
We also talk about the community building that came out of the SOS 2020 project: being able to invite bands that weren’t necessarily involved in the song, involvement from places like First Angel Media.
How the project brought about new relationships within the music scene.
We also have a Pre-Show Podcast interview series that evolved from the project.
Shoutout to Nightlife Line. They are building a hospitality and nightlife worker fund that will distribute modest cash grants to people in our industries whose incomes and ability to work have been affected by COVID-19.
This past weekend, Pittsburgh went big in support of Moondogs! You can still help!
We discuss Cattivo‘s current situation to the best of our knowledge, the postponement of Descendants of Crom for 2021, and more.
We discuss the band Shock Frenzy.