Fan Firstthe Pennsylvania Rock Show #560 Interview Session

the Pennsylvania Rock Show #560 Interview Session

Joining Bill for the first time is Slam Band & Sam (except there isn’t really a Sam?!?!) We started off with everyone introducing themselves.

Featuring music from: Royal Honey, Steve Hawk, Slam Band & Sam, Dan Stonerook, The Whelming Waters, The Bail Jumpers

Segment 1 with Slam Band & Sam
Where did the band name come from and who is Sam?!?
If Adam was going to run for president and the rest of you are going to end up in his cabinet, what is his slogan going to be?
Why would I find Slam Band & Sam in a social studies book?
We then talk about the Vault Recording Studio and their label.
Who is your Dave Grohl?
You get 1 hour to sit on a bench and talk to any musician in the world, but only ask 1 question…
If you ended up in a crossroads with the devil and he offered you whatever you wanted, what would you sell your soul for?
Tell me a little bit about Jimi Was…
Segment 2 with Slam Band & Sam
Let’s say you get to headline a tour, what other bands would you want on the bill with you?
What city would you start the tour in, and at what venue?
What is the soundtrack that we listen to while traveling between cities on your tour?
What is coming up for Slam Band & Sam?