Fan Firstthe Pennsylvania Rock Show #554 Interview Session

the Pennsylvania Rock Show #554 Interview Session

Live Fast and Leave a Good Looking CorpseaAll 7 members of Black Ridge join Bill to talk about the EP, Live Fast And Leave a Good Looking Corpse. Is that what really happened? Click play to find out…

Featuring music from: 13 Saints, Black Ridge, Jim Platt, Royal Honey, and Karkizz

Live Fast And Leave a Good Looking Corpse – Segment 1
Find out why Paul G was mortified…
What was it like to perform at the SOS PGH Concert Series?
What drew you to the SOS 2020/SOS PGH Concert series projects?
Where did you record the album at?
What was the recording process like, from the first note to leaving the studio?
Are there any cool stories about the making of this ep?
Missing writing credits?
Does Paul G give you a heads up before he wears a costume on stage?
Paul Cha, Did you come up with the album art?
How did the band form?
Stage names?
Black Ridge – Segment 2
If you play any musician in a rockumentary, who would you want to play?
If there was an apocalyptic event, which Black Ridge Song would survive to help with the re-population of the Earth?
What band from history, would you want to follow around for a full year just to take in their essence?
Cody, tell me an embarrassing moment that one of the other members had on stage.
If you were going to add an 8th member from the music scene, who would you want to add to the band?
Where can the listeners find you online and purchase your music?
If they were going to put Black Ridge into a cartoon series, which series would they put Black Ridge in?