Fan Firstthe Pennsylvania Rock Show #537 Interview Session

the Pennsylvania Rock Show #537 Interview Session

Brady Novotny is back to discuss what he has been doing musically during the pandemic and upcoming happenings. Brady is becoming a regular on our shows making his 3rd appearance this year: 3 Questions and a Song #32 on 5/1/2020 & the Pennsylvania Rock Show #498 on 1/17/2020 being the other one.

Segment #1 with Brady Novotny
What is the status of your Guitar Freaks show?
You mentioned your wife was recording an episode of Divas Dish Diz right now, who is she interviewing?
What is your favorite Van Halen song?
We talked a bit about Dave Granati, John Vento, Corbriwoodstock, and more
Segment #2
What equipment you use?
When you’re playing for yourself, what songs do you play?
What song made you decide you wanted to play guitar?
We discussed various concerts.
Which of your songs describes you the best as an artist?
If you could join any band in the history of music, who would you join?
If you were going to host a podcast, what would the title be?