Build the Scene Liveparsthe Pennsylvania Rock Show #534 Interview Session

the Pennsylvania Rock Show #534 Interview Session
Paul Cha and Mike Conrad of Black Ridge join Bill on episode 534 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show to talk about the band, rock for life, and more.

Segment 1 with Black Ridge
How has the pandemic affect your band?
We chat a bit about Rock for Life, Matt Ferrante, and other scene history.
Do you have any cool stories from the recording of the upcoming album, Beware?
We talk Fubar‘s newest EP.
Segment 2 with Paul & Mike
Tell me about an embarrassing moment on stage…
How did Paul Guerrini, get Bill in trouble? years ago… We talk about Paul’s contribution to Black Ridge.
If we played a Black Ridge song backwards, what would we hear?
If you could play with any musician in the history of the world and in between shows you could sit on a bench with them; who, what would you ask them, and where would you want to play?
Who is your Dave Grohl?
Why doesn’t Bill get recognized on stage at shows… well…