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The Pennsylvania Rock Show (15 Year Anniversary)

It’s amazing how an idea can be born out of nothing. It’s amazing how that idea can begin to grow and prosper given the right amount of work ethic and dedication. Often times when this happens, time evades us as we become busy with progression and losing sight of all we have accomplished along the way. Every now and then it is essential to pause, take a step back, and see where you are now as compared to where it all began. Today we take a look at the legacy of what has become a staple in our neck of the woods in western Pennsylvania called “the Pennsylvania Rock Show.”

When you sit down and think about it, 15 years is a long time, especially in a day and age where most things are a flash in the pan, much like time itself. We all age, as well as lives and responsibilities change. To keep something pushing and developing for 15 years is quite a feat. What was once a hobby turns into countless hours of work and dedication (turn on the coffee pot Abigail May because many hours of sleep tend to get lost in this as well). So what is the deal with the recurring theme of “15 years” you ask? This weekend we celebrate with our friend and brainchild of the Pennsylvania Rock Show (Bill Domiano) the 15 year anniversary of his blood, sweat, tears, and the ride he has taken with it…….

Bill had always been a fan of his local scene, opting to use his tech and computer skills to create websites for bands back in the hey-day of 1996. It wasn’t until 2004 he would take things a step further and create the website that would be the cornerstone of his journey: Bill set up shop in his living room with Brian Shaffer from the band (kaj) and do what would be the first broadcast/interview for the site. From there the ball kept rolling. Local musicians such as Matt Ferrante (After the Fall/A Common Crown) and many others would donate copious amounts of local music to keep the broadcast up to snuff with new content. AK Music Scene was an entity that allowed bands to show up in Bill’s house and perform their craft and share their story right there in his living room; as well as broadcasting local and independent talent for others to hear. This tradition would continue from the helm of Bill’s living room from 2004-2010 before a brief hiatus to settle into parenthood.

As time would go on the show would transform and mold into a podcast, online radio stream, and FM Radio broadcasting. Recognition by other radio stations such as 97.7 and local newspaper outlets would follow and help raise awareness of the growing entity known as AK Music Scene and the Pennsylvania Rock Show; eventually reaching as far as the UK. Branches and adaptations of AK Music Scene would follow down the road in the form of “Podcast Your Scene” and “Build the Scene Radio“; all of this consistently putting out new content to spread awareness for the local scene in western Pennsylvania. It has become a “one stop shop” to find everything within the music scene from shows, festivals, new music releases, and other happenings in the surrounding area and beyond.

I’ll be quite frank, I could go down an endless rabbit hole with all the infamous “Wild Bill Domiano” has accomplished in 15 years. He has been behind the scenes hard at work helping raise awareness and providing coverage for musicians all over to the best of his capabilities. All of this for the love and passion of the local music scene. What once started in his living room as a fun hobby has grown to be heard all over the world so the voices of artists everywhere can be heard. Let’s raise our glasses and toast to the 15 years of hard work and dedication of the Pennsylvania Rock Show and hopefully many more……