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Craig FerryNovember 10, 2019204 min

Friday night was a trio of great acts at Stage AE in Pittsburgh as California band The Neighbourhood came to town.

Opening up the night was the band Claud out of the Chicago area. They are led by lead singer Claud Mintz. They entertained the crowd with a pop sound with heart felt lyrics. They have only been around for a little over a year but are skyrocketing in popularity.

Doing a awesome job of performing in the middle was Slow Hollows, an indie rock band out of Los Angeles. The band was started by lead singer Austin Anderson in 2013. They have released a few albums in the 6 years they have been together and are getting great reviews by many music critics. I think it won’t be long before either of the first two acts are headlining their own shows.

Rounding out the night was the much anticipated band, The Neighbourhood. They hail from Newberry Park, California and formed in 2011. I had listened to their music prior to this show, but hadn’t watched any videos. I was totally taken by surprise when lead singer Jesse Rutherford came through the drawn stage curtain sporting a silver outfit and face paint playing a red guitar. After his entry song, the curtain opened for the first full band song. Even though he started in all silver, he didn’t stay in that outfit long. During the second song, Jesse did a quick change into his wardrobe for the remainder of the night. Even though the their set started with what could have been thought as low key, their high energy quickly came through. Jesse was not one to stay in one spot for any length of time. He was all across and above the stage as you’ll see in a couple of my pictures. The crowd was fully engaged in their whole performance from start to end. I think it’s hard to categorize their music into a specific genre. You could try to classify it as alternative or indie. But you really need to check out their music online and be prepared for a unique sound all their own.

Photography and review by Craig Ferry

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