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Jess ZoricOctober 20, 2022

I happened upon the band Memory Front while hitting up a show at Club Cafe for band buddies Some Faith and Hemlock for Socrates. It was a great surprise to see that the head of this band was a dear friend from my past, and not a surprise at all to see that he brought a presence to the stage that commanded attention.

The name is catchy and quite relevant. The Memory Front mastermind, Jesse, is a neuroscientist by day. Or as I’d put it, HE IS SMORT. He’s been working on his sound for years and has finally busted into the scene with something truly unique and special.

Their sound is very indie-dreamy rock. But it also gets you up and moving. Here’s a little live clip of their song “Spitting Blood” to give you an idea:

They have released 2 singles into the world so far. The first track, “Leave with Grace“, has almost a Radiohead energy about it (which might be part of the reason I like it so much). The vocals have SO MUCH passion in them, you can feel it in your bones. On top of everything else it’s a total head bobber. You’re not NOT moving your head listening to this song.

The second track, “Dead Europe”, is so catchy and so creative. I really love the keys and guitar combo on this one. It kind of feels like you’re drifting away while you’re listening. Again, the almost agonized vocals anchor you back to Earth. It’s really a beautiful piece.

Make sure you check it out and give Memory Front a follow. You’re not gonna want to miss what comes next.