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Suzanne DeCree8 months ago2833 min

It’s a tough time for those of us who are used to being out and about. It’s even worse when we’ve learned to count on the extra income from gigs, photo and video shoots, weddings, etc. With the quarantine we are all relegated to a very small fraction of our worlds right now.

Many artists have taken to putting that time to good use by taking their performances online, providing online lessons and extra videos just to help everyone pass the time. Others are collaborating over the web to create new music and other projects or just taking the time to learn something new.

Still others have decided to raise the bar and issued a challenge to their fellow musicians so we can all stretch our creative muscles during quarantine.

Such is the case with Millaze. Written entirely in one day, her new single “Pandemic” has been released under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Therefore, “Pandemic” can be used in YouTube videos and non-commercial broadcasts, with credit going to Millaze.

More importantly, the song and its stems are freely available so you can cover or remix it. As part of her “Quarantunes” challenge, Millaze is offering to help promote your version of her song.

In the artist’s words, “If you make a cover or a remix of this song (even just with a single sample) in any genre, I will help you release & promote it. If you want I can use MIC to teach you how to publish it on all digital distribution platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) I’ll also promote any YouTube videos that use it – hit me up with anything, and any questions here: millazemusic@gmail.com.”

So, for all of you musicians out there: Fire up your DAWs, grab your instruments and get to work! All of the files you need to get rolling are on Millaze’s website.  The offer is good “As long as quarantines are a thing!”

Let’s get rockin’!

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