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The Karens are one ‘Piss In The Sink’ Away From it Overflowing. I’m Ready With The Paper Towels!

Hey punk music lovers! You love that old school in your face punk music? Where the guitars are just nasty aggressive and right up in your face? And the vocals are angry at the world and are going to let you all know it? Then this is the album for you to listen to!

This is the self-titled debut album from The Karens, and it’s a good one folks! There’s a lot to love here! In typical Karen fashion, they start by saying, ‘Let Me Speak To Your Manager’! Overreacting and aggressively telling the business how they need to meet her needs better and live up to her standards! Ifyou don’t you could get stabbed in the heart. Nobody wants that!

Make no mistake here, these are talented musicians who definitely have the capability to dominate the punk music scene, not only in Pittsburgh where they are from, but across the nation! This is punk music the way it was supposed to be played!

I love that this band has 2 lead singers: Swam, who is also one half of the guitar duo with Dustin Comorski, and Sabrina Brigode, who also lays down those wicked bass tracks! And you have to acknowledge drummer Joe Vedro, who really pounds those skins like a good punk rock drummer should!


What also makes me reminisce about old school punk rock is how timely and relevant their songs are. And not being afraid to delve into politics and take a stand! ‘Trans Rights’, ‘Don’t Vaccinate Me’, and ‘A.C.A.B. (Except For Robocop)’ are perfect examples of this. You feel empowered after listening to this
and can’t wait to stick it to the man!

Of course there are other Karen-like songs, ‘Fix The Ice Cream Machine’ & ‘Making A Scene At The Grocery Store’, which makes you think about the actually seeing a Karen in the wild and watching them go off all while sporting that trademark hairdo! And seriously, all of us would rather ‘Piss In The Sink’ then sink in the piss! Sabrina really makes good
points in a great song!

In the end, you will be extremely happy that you’ve listened to this album. The Karens are fun, and their
songs are catchy, and you get lost in that old school punk vibe! I want to give a shout out to THE Jessica Zoric of GHU, who actually came up with the title!

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