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I recently had the amazing opportunity to hang out with one of Pittsburgh’s newer but popular bands – The Invalid People. Meeting for the first time outside the building they practice a tall dark haired stranger with an even stranger name, El Gato Grande, shook my hand and led me inside the cavernous building, through a maze of rooms and down the stairs to their rehearsal room. Quick introductions to Gypsy Anna, a beautiful young lady with a killer guitar, and soon Rockin’ Ron and Miles Fawcett entered like a hurricane. It was like being with old friends. This mix match of musicians began the laughs within moments and they kept coming. This was a quick run through before the show and I was thrilled with what I heard. Ron has a fun personality that shines in all he does, Anna is the sweet one, Miles the quiet one, and El Gato kept a sly smile while watching the shenanigans. Often there is a “leader” but in the short time I was there I could see that these are partners in crime. A group in which each member is respected and is not afraid to have their say.

As they loaded up I saw the transformation begin. That change over from the person you work with and run into in the stores to the stage presence their fans will see. Gone was the absolute sweetheart and in place came the quiet vixen, caps were donned, eyeliner applied, hair now wild. Before my eyes I saw the stage coming to life and knowing music the way I do, I have to say I was thrilled.
This band hasn’t been around long. Thought the members have been in the scene in one band or another, some playing together for about ten years off and on, they have only been The Invalid People since August 2016 and played their first show that same year. Before then time was taken for personal issues, healing, and other needs….but music called. They constructed a band from the four corners it seems. Each member is obviously a different style than the last. Look closely and you see bits of Old School Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk, Goth – you name it, they got it. I don’t know if something this very different could work with any other group of people but here it is embraced. They create music about life or fantasy, or anything in between and it is music to love and get lost in. On this particular day the show turned into a CD Release. Invalid People Volume 1 is available now and you really should check it out!!

The show was killer, on a night when the streets ran with police in full body armor to keep the peace The Invalid People stole Club Cafe as their own with a demon drummer playing the front man, an old soul gypsy on guitar, the smooth vocals of the lead guitar player, Miles, and bass blasting out from Rockin’ Ron. It was a collective art as they each took their turns on the mic, and the audience thrilled to the crazy antics on stage. At one time they began chanting the name of one member until he stood to acknowledge them. These are musicians by nature – the ones who know the show inside and out, the type to steal a glance and capture your imagination. They are named The Invalid People but every movement beneath those lights was a thrill and hearts were won with every note. It’s nights like these I enjoy watching the crowd as they come from the back of the room to crowd the stage. The music and personalities drawing them in. Their eyes focusing on everything at once and their souls basking in the glory of live music done right.

If you want a chance to see this happen for yourself check out their upcoming dates; March 24 and April 22 at the Smiling Moose. As always, the link to their Facebook page is below so go give a like and keep up on new merchandise, shows and how to get your hands on that CD!!

Lady Jaye

Jana Lee Macheca - Lady Jaye - Is the founder of First Angel Media as well as a photographer and writer for not only her own company, but Chimera Magazine out of New York. Passionate about music and driven to help the local scene she works to connect those within it, as well as working behind the scenes on various projects. You can find her photo collection at www.firstangel.smugmug.com

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