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Picture it….March, 2016…I was a young woman of 38…..OK, all channeling of my inner Golden Girl aside – that’s where I have to begin with this band. I have to admit, I’ve been chasing this feature for a while now. On my personal page there are often jokes of my being a “Fangirl” of one band or another, chasing bands down to spread their music, but this one….this one is very personal. As I say in my interviews – Let us begin… I found The Harvest Colour on a then Facebook friend’s page and checked them out for the heck of it. Being around musicians my whole life I knew they all liked the kids they knew and tried to get their fans to be fans of their children’s bands. I was prepared to “like” the page and move on. It was a YouTube link to a song titled “Spring to Come” and I have to tell you that what happened next was a personal change. I was a widow, finally reaching out to the world I once knew, hurting and cold inside. I had all this love and no one to give it to outside of my own children. I expected to listen to some hack rendition of an old song, but instead found the most tremendous tale of loss and rebirth…the artist in me heard these young men singing my inner struggle. I’m not ashamed to say I played it several times and cried. I had been waiting for Spring To Come for several years but through this single song I finally felt the hope I had lost. These young men are old souls, so far advanced than what I’ve grown used to hearing. I had to know them better, but the trail went cold. No shows, no events, nothing. I finally reached out to them, only to find that a member had moved out of the area. I was deflated. I knew if they could move me, as jaded as I was, with this one song that they could move any size crowd at any size venue and I felt like the world was going to miss this brightness before it ever found them. I put the song on my private playlist. I learned the lyrics, I danced to the beat, my children sang it with me…I even figured out the lyric tattoo I want! And then it happened. A show date was mentioned on Bands in Town. That was all. No real publicity, no major announcements. Just one blip on the radar that they were still here. The nerve of them, right? One of the most moving bands I have heard and they barely let us know they existed!! Born out of the artistic need of Gabe Mangold (Vocals/Guitar) to get this side of his mind into the world outside of his band Delusions of Grandeur they took a strange route. The songs came before the band. The band recorded before ever playing. The shockingly good video introduced them before any live show could……How in the world is a band this backwards THIS FREAKING POPULAR!?!?! Because they are amazing, that’s how. This isn’t some quickly thrown together music made for the fans – this is art created for a purpose. Their video is seven minutes of acoustic to beauty to thought provoking anger…and it got over 10,000 views in it’s first week alone. There are other sides to them, other bands that they play in. Delusions of Grandeur is a progressive metal band Gabe is in, and the drummer Paul Campbell can be found in Amplifiers. Add bass player, Ron Rekowski, to the mix and you have two bands in one; The Harvest Colour, which has become the main focus for the musicians, as well as the Tool tribute band Stink Fist. They played as both of these bands January 6th of this year to a large crowd that included family and friends. This was the first show in six or seven months, due to Gabe moving, and from both sides of the stage it was a blast. Young but experienced, they see PIttsburgh as being a town that has been tough for local acts, but also a place where the “..People are enjoying the plethora of talent”. Coming from such a talented band, I’m glad to hear they are appreciated. Until the interview I wondered how such young men can seem to be so much more experienced than I could imagine they are… That question was laid to rest quickly. I was told about how organic the band was, the image is not a persona, this is really them. At least an aspect of them. My favorite quote from the interview sums up the eclectic style of The Harvest Colour,

“Musicians are but vessels for sonic creativity, we channel what’s inside us and bring it into the physical world.”

They are young, they are ancient, they are beauty, they are aggressive…They are The Harvest Colour….They are a mixture of love and pain, hope and rebirth…and through one song they showed a jaded and cold heart that there was still light and understanding to be found in this strange world.

“Spring to Come” can be found on the album ‘Chrysalis’

Look them up on Facebook at:

Find this song I will rave to my grandchildren about on YouTube:

Jana Lee Macheca

Jana Lee Macheca (aka Lady Jaye) is the owner and editor of First Angel Media as well as professional photographer and writer. Having worked in national and local levels of music media her goal is to provide professional coverage for bands of all levels.

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