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Welcome to yet another year-end metal albums list, and what a 12 months it has been! Older bands and newcomers from myriad subgenres fought alongside and against each other for honor and the common hessian cause. Veteran acts said farewell and young lions bathed in baptismal, Promethean fires.

Yes, I listed 80 albums this year, making for an unprecedented roll call! Paring it down proved to be far too difficult. The numerical rankings are fairly arbitrary and are more chronological than anything as I try to document these albums and curate the list as they drop. If you haven’t heard any of the following releases or don’t already own them, click on the hyperlinks provided, search around online (Metal Archives is always indispensable for that sort of thing), or visit your local music retailers to find each album in your preferred format.

So…without further delay, I bring you the class of 2019!

1. Flotsam and Jetsam-The End of Chaos (AFM Records)
2. Evergrey-The Atlantic (AFM Records)
3. Yatra-Death Ritual (Grimoire Records)
4. The Ossuary-Southern Funeral (Supreme Chaos Records)
5. Overkill-The Wings of War (Nuclear Blast)
6. Iron Savior-Kill Or Get Killed (AFM Records)
7. Palace In Thunderland-The King of the Empty Aeon (Reverse Feed Records)
8. Dream Theater-Distance Over Time (InsideOut Music)
9. Sanhedrin-The Poisoner (Cruz del Sur Music)
10. Queensrÿche-The Verdict (Century Media Records)
11. Chevalier-Destiny Calls (Gates Of Hell)
12. Hysteria-Night Closing In (Church Recordings)
13. Ordos-The End (Moving Air Music)
14. Devil Master-Satan Spits On Children Of Light (Relapse Records)
15. Magic Circle-Departed Souls (20 Buck Spin)
16. Horseburner-The Thief (Ripple Music)
17. Traveler-s/t (Gates Of Hell Records)
18. Possessed-Revelations of Oblivion (Nuclear Blast)
19. Exhorder-Mourn the Southern Skies (Nuclear Blast)
20. Pretty Maids-Undress Your Madness (Frontiers Records)
21. Death Angel-Humanicide (Nuclear Blast)
22. Solace-The Brink (Blues Funeral Recordings)
23. Insomnium-Heart Like A Grave (Century Media Records)
24. The Ferrymen-A New Evil (Frontiers Records)
25. Nile-Vile Nilotic Rites (Nuclear Blast)
26. Duel-Valley of Shadows (Heavy Psych Sounds)
27. Spirit Adrift-Divided By Darkness (20 Buck Spin)
28. Diamond Head-The Coffin Train (Silver Lining Music)
29. Allegaeon-Apoptosis (Metal Blade Records)
30. Smoulder-Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring (Cruz del Sur Music)
31. Haunt-If Icarus Could Fly (Shadow Kingdom Records)
32. Abbath-Outstrider (Season of Mist)
33. Bella Novela-Incinerate (independent)
34. Tomb Mold-Planetary Clairvoyance (20 Buck Spin)
35. Bewitcher-Under the Witching Cross (Shadow Kingdom Records)
36. Nocturnus AD-Paradox (Profound Lore Records) 
37. Cloak-The Burning Dawn (Season of Mist) 
38. Kampfar-Ofidians Manifest (Indie Recordings)
39. Lucifer’s Friend-Black Moon (Lucifer’s Records)
40. Superstition-The Anatomy of Unholy Transformation (20 Buck Spin)
41. Darkthrone-Old Star (Peaceville Records)
42. Crypt Sermon-The Ruins of Fading Light (Dark Descent Records)
43. Moon Tooth-Crux (Modern Static Records)
44. Destroyer of Light-Mors Aeterna (Argonauta Records)
45. Barbarian-To No God Shall I Kneel (Hells Headbangers Records)
46. Terminus-A Single Point of Light (Cruz del Sur Music) 
47. Ancient Empire-Wings of the Fallen (Stormspell Records)
48. The Lord Weird Slough Feg-New Organon (Cruz del Sur Music)
49. Starborn-Savage Peace (Iron Shield Records) 
50. Gygax-High Fantasy (Creator-Destructor Records)
51. Opprobrium-The Fallen Entities (High Roller Records)
52. Mayhem-Daemon (Century Media Records) 
53. Michael Schenker Fest-Revelation (Nuclear Blast) 
54. The Neptune Power Federation-Memoirs of a Rat Queen (Cruz del Sur Music)
55. Paladin-Ascension (Prosthetic Records) 
56. Blood Incantation-Hidden History of the Human Race (Dark Descent Records)
57. Urn-Iron Will of Power (Season of Mist) 
58. Savage Master-Myth, Magic and Steel (Shadow Kingdom Records)
59. Legendry-The Wizard and the Tower Keep (High Roller Records)
60. Book of Wyrms-Remythologizer (Twin Earth Records)
61. Candlemass-The Door To Doom (Napalm Records)
62. Nightrage-Wolf To Man (Despotz Records)
63. Vulture-Ghastly Waves & Battered Graves (Metal Blade Records)
64. 1349-The Infernal Pathway (Season of Mist)
65. Power Theory-Force of Will (Pure Steel Records)
66. Atlantean Kodex-The Course of Empire (Van Records)
67. Grand Magus-Wolf God (Nuclear Blast)
68. Angel Witch-Angel of Light (Metal Blade Records)
69. RAM-The Throne Within (Metal Blade Records)
70. Immortal Bird-Thrive On Neglect (20 Buck Spin)
71. Doomstress-Sleep Among The Dead (Ripple Music)
72. Devin Townsend-Empath (InsideOut Music)
73. Mystifier-Protogoni Mavri Magiki Dynasteia (Season of Mist)
74. Misery Index-Rituals of Power (Season of Mist)
75. Mirror-Pyramid of Terror (Bad Omen Records) 
76. Lo-Pan-Subtle (Aqualamb Records)
77. Lightning Born-s/t (Ripple Music)
78. Mystik-s/t (I Hate)
79. Worshipper-Light In The Wire (Tee Pee Records)
80. Riot City-Burn The Night (No Remorse Records)

Darren Lewis

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