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Darren Lewis8 months ago3863 min

I normally don’t rank or put too much stock in EP’s, but I heard enough memorable and hopeful ones this year that I felt they all deserved to be honored in their own list for 2019. History has shown that EP’s can jumpstart band’s careers, and I think that may happen in at least some of these cases. Let’s begin!

  1. Royal Honey-Hype Money, and Misbehavior
  2.  Riparian-s/t
  3. Cianide-Unhumanized
  4. Dusk-The Toll
  5.  Beastmaker-Eye of the Storm 
  6.  Feverhawk-Nocturnal Urge
  7.  Leather Lung-Lonesome, On’ry and Evil
  8.  Solicitor-EP 2019
  9.  Rhythm of Fear-Ritual Dementia
  10.  Body Void-You Will Know The Fear You Forced Upon Us
  11.  Plagueborn-Genesis 
  12.  Concilium-No Sanctuary
  13.  Cadaver Vampire-Corpus Book 
  14.  Rebel Wizard-Hark! Hark! Hark!
  15.  Wake Of The Blade-The Flesh Ephemeral 
  16.  Hyperia-Fish Creek Frenzy
  17.  Enemy Mind-Killer Beef
  18.  Municipal Waste-The Last Rager
  19.  Running Wild-Crossing The Blades
  20.  Black Anvil-Miles 


Darren Lewis

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